Friday, June 22, 2012

Over My Head

Taken May 30, 2012.

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  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    Happy Weekend (and uneventful Friday), Maria.

    I'm really jealous of your rain, kb. We've had so little, I feel like I'm back in Utah (well except for the lack of mountains, wonderful rock formations, huge skies).

    We're getting a cooldown, Dina, to the mid 80s today and the low 80s by Monday (but no rain). I hope it heads your way.

    Jen, when the families with tons of kids would bring them all at one time to get new shoes for shcool, I would've much preferred to have a grenade to throw. Or maybe (being not that violent a kid) just build a fort of shoes and hide inside it till they left.

  2. Loved the 10 things, Andi! You could have always sold the girls on "F me" heels, one size too small, and the boys on platform soles.

    Sorry to hear about your friend, Kelly. You're right: cancer sucks. So does asthma.

    Power was out at the manor yesterday from about 8:15am to close to 5pm, which scotched my working at home plan. Fortunately, I'd replaced all the UPS batteries this spring & they got their workout. The DSL/wifi is good for one hour. :-) Turned out that someone took out *three* power poles — must have been a spectacular wreck. I just hope the driver wasn't hurt so I can hurt the bozo myself.

  3. Hi, all. Happy Friday.

    Andi, we are hopefully going to the 80s as well. Feels like that already.

    Larry, some accident indeed! Sorry your work at home plans went up is lost power poles.

  4. The best flash mob video ever.

  5. Stunning pic, Andi, just gorgeous. Glad you liked the trip photos. Of the 500 or so I posted, most are for visual interest or because I thought they might entertain, but there are a few damned good ones in there. I started with ~1,700. We had a semi-professional photographer along with us and I'll try to remember to link once he's done with his winnowing. He's got something like 5,000 pics to sort through.

    Jen, thanks for the condolences. It was just a huge kick in the chest, he'll be much missed. Glad the tattoo brings you comfort. I'll probably do a memorial in ink as well, though in book form. Need to talk it over with his brother and mom, but I think they'd approve of having him playing in the corner of fictional tavern for years to come.

    Larry, thanks, the ankle's close to normal already. Still a little tender to the touch and I won't be running again till Sunday or thereabouts, but short of a break I heal hella fast.

    Cheers* to everyone comes in later.

    *The universal Scots, "thanks" "goodbye" "have a nice day" etc.