Saturday, June 23, 2012

Metamorphosis: Medusa to Big Bird

Taken May 22, 2012

Taken June 2, 2012.
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  1. I concur! It IS Saturday, isn't it? The days all blur together.

    Hugs for physical and emotional hurts, Kelly.

    Big waves to Katiebird!

    Sending rain to andi - we've had it pretty much nonstop for the last month. And more on the way. I love it, but it plays havoc with beach time.

    Spent a couple of days in Houston with music friends, but now I'm home and back at it. Hope everyone has fun plans for the weekend. I had my fun, so will have butt in chair and fingers on keyboard.

    Happy Saturday!

  2. I did not know there was a Phyllis Diller Plant! :)

    KMc! that is an excellent idea for a tribute!!! Took my breath away when I read that.

    Coming clean: I have been very embarrassed, ashamed and feeling all sorts of horrible triggers lately. Monday I had to file a Workplace Violence Claim againt another employee. I don't know why I allowed the verbal abuse to continue as long as it did and that is what has me so angry with myself - why did I tolerate it so long? But I think our society allows it. First two or three verbal taunts you push aside and everyone says, "oh that's just so and so's way". This is the man at work who is the outspoken "Conservative". "My daddy was in the CIA!" he "hates all libtards". And comes up pings ya with things he knows will rile you up. But you blow it off because he's doing it to everyone.

    He started to mock shoot me in the head. It escaluated in a short time. To the point he'd put his fingers to my face. I asked him to stop. He did it very violently. Customer saw him. Last bad one, they have him on camera. I told my Boss who told the store manager. He was given a chance... and told not to do it again. He did last Monday. Came up behind me as I was kneeling dwon at my locker and put his fingers in between my shoulder blades, pushed me down off my balance and calmly said, "stick em up". Instantly I seized up which made my athritis scream out. I ended up having to take some pain meds. I told my boss who told the same manager who spoke to him. They both contacted HR. I filed a claim. I'm supposed to find out what happens Monday.

    My store has zero tolerance or so they say. I have found out over this weekend all the horrible things he's done to other people. An old lady who fell at her house and she had a fat lip and cuts all over... he likes to pretend he's tripping her as she walks by. Sexual harrassment of another person who had to scream at him to stop and that she was a lesbian and to leave her alone.

    So why... is he still at work? I honestly think my "progressive" store is afraid of cutting a known Republican.

    My HR representative told me Friday via phone that they will let me know what happens and will help me with any legal needs or restraining orders if it comes to that. He did say that it's most likely my name or situation won't even be needed as he has a long list of names of people he'll have to think about. IOW, he won't know who "snitched" on him this time. So we'll see.

    But have been dealing with triggers. As most here know, I have had a gun held to my back in DC. I've seen violence. I was raised with verbal abuse. I do not know why I tolerated his verbal assaults so long. He makes "jokes" about bike crashes, special ed, how he wants to have sex with Sarah Palin. I think the Gay Pride Parade on Sunday set him off. He must be miserable working with all of us "traitors" LOL.

    I won't let this "settle down". I have found myself hiding from my store. Anxiety galore. If they don't remove him from my store at least... I will seek counsel against my store. Nothing any of us have ever done or do outside of work condones or justifies his behaviour toward us.

    I have found some new hope since there is one less serial child rapist at large. I am so proud of all those who testified against the monster. Now time to round up McQueary for not stopping the rape of a child. I think he's the one in this horror story that I hate the most.

    Now off to go attack my garage of my mother's belongings. My brother still won't contact us, tomorrow it'll be 2 years. I need to get her stuff stored, or tossed. It'll be a long day after a long week... But I'm coming back into focus a bit.

  3. Love that wild garlic! I've been thinking about digging up some of it here, along with some wild carrots (Queen Anne's Lace) and making wild veg soup with them. But I got nearly another gallon of blackberries this morning, which involves a woods tramp, so digging up roadside noms keeps getting put off.

    Janet, the store mgmt probably *is* afraid. Bullies like that are highly skilled at playing the victim card. Regardless of the evidence, he'll claim it was all politically motivated, and maybe get the state labor board involved. Hell, it could become Fox Spew's latest manufactured outrage. So yeah, they're lining up their ducks and trailing their paper.

    Cranking in White Pickups edits is leaving me with a desire to snack constantly while doing the deed, and creating all sorts of "get up and walk around" nervous energy. Trying to get as much done as possible (sans snacking) before Mason wakes up. :-P As I told one of my other writer friends on Twitter today, I plan to wrap up and publish next month… come Hell, high water, or Truckalypse.

  4. Stopping in to say "hi" to everyone. Sorry it has been so long. I haven't really been away - I check in every morning on my iPad to see what everyone is up to but I find it difficult to comment on blogger on the iPad - I take the time to write a comment up and then I lose it. I'm sure it is user error :)

    Since I started my new job last year, life has been very full and I've not had as much time during the day to web surf. Which is a GOOD thing in most ways. But I do miss interacting with everyone (although I "see" FarF on Twitter occasionally).

    I was pretty excited to win Nicola's book during her blog giveaway - Murder Fortissimo. I really enjoyed it and recommend it to everyone. Of course, I'm a sucker for British cozy mysteries. They are one of my favorite ways to escape. But now that it's summer, and I always read long books in the summer, I'm working my way through the Game of Thrones series. I'm on Book 4 and have enjoyed them so far but am getting a little bogged down on this one. I haven't seen the TV series yet. No cable.

    Well, "hi" to everyone. Janet, I hope the asshole gets fired. F's - I hope your summer is going well. It is dry here too - which makes the heat more bearable but is sucking the life out of the fauna. Hope we both get some good soaking rains soon.

  5. (((Maryb!!!))) I think of you every time I drive by my library :)

    Pssst I always walk by the aisle that has Miss Nancy's books. I go up to the shelf and touch them all. I love seeing when one or two of them is checked out.

    It's like my life connection to my internet buddies.

    Yeah, the guy is just a bully. Pure and simple. I'm sure he'll play the victim card and as I agree with Farf on that one.

    Got a ton done in the garage today. I stopped when I came across my mother's purse. I lost it at that but Wayne and Danni managed to put the boxes away and we have more room and a big pile for my brother to sort through before it's hauled off to ARC or the trash.

  6. I wish it would come here, Beth, but there are no signs of rain for at least the next week. :(

    Hi Dina. Hope the weekend has been good for you so far.

    Janet, that's terrible. I hope your employer takes care of this problem and takes care of you.

    I don't think it's wild garlic, Larry. It doesn't have the right kind of leaves and it doesn't flower.

    Howdy, Mary! See good to hear from you. I've commented on the blog with our iPad and haven't had a problem but we've got a new iPad so there might some difference. Hope you will be getting a break from your busy work days soon with your annual lake trip (or some other nice vacation jaunt).

  7. Morning!

    Mary, the thing I've noticed with Blogger comments on my iPhone: if you do anything but type, the text box freezes up & refuses further input. I think I've seen that happen on iPad too. Try typing your comment into Notes or one of the free alternate note-taking apps (Moleskine has one), then copy-paste. If something goes w0rNg, you haven't lost your comment & you can try again. I think I've squawked at Google about that, but maybe not. If you have a Bluetooth keyboard paired to your iThing, you can use the arrow keys and hold down Shift to select/copy/paste without hanging the text box. (It's not iOS, because I've never seen that problem with Wordpress blogs.)

    Andi, you sure? I always had thought those were wild onions, but one of my field guides says they're garlic. That sure does look like a garlic bulb poking out the side! The ones down here have done their thing already

    {{{Janet}}} the wife here will still break down at odd moments over her mom. It takes time, and it hasn't been long in her case. I think she's too busy being the replacement matriarch to work it all out.

    Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday. Here, Mason should be waking up soon!

  8. FarF, That's partly what happens. and without a keyboard I'm bad with cut and paste. But also I sometimes have the problem where it appears I'm signed in and then it makes me go sign in and I lose the comment.

    Going to MN at the end of July. Can't wait. In April I went to Barbados for 5 days, which was a nice getaway.

  9. Quick drop in to send hugs to Janet with hopes that this gets solved now, and quickly.

  10. thanks guys! Found a three boxes of cookbooks of my moms. Saw her books through Danni's eyes. She had no idea my mom was into "new ageism" then had time life books about crop circles, channeling and all that stuff LOL. She even has Krishnamurti's books, Agnostic Bibles... Her reading was all over the map. Seth Speaks, Howard Zinn and then Art Bell... Ghosts, Sane to Crazy. Many I actually want to save. Danni had a great idea that the books none of us want we can sell to Powells for credit. Over 20 boxes of books.

    Even a beautiful boxed set of book on Yoga...

    I wished she had read them and it changed her life. Instead she just became more stuck. Wonderful cookbooks about healing and better eating... None of it mattered. Some make me so angry to look at.

    Oh and I found slides and an old projector. More photos!!!

    But I got so wasted last night. Baked and Boozed. Bad Mom, I know... But I had planned that to happen. I forgot to set the alarm this am for yoga. Might go through some today. Spent some time last night dinking around a snark diary in Kos. :)

    Hugs to all that want em. Raining here in Oregon. My tomatoes are so sickly looking. But the Basil Eater Critter is losing his war with me. Muhahahaha.

  11. Well I thought I was sure, Larry. But Candis sent me some links to some pages on wild garlic that make me think I'm wrong and you're right.

    Glad you're not too busy to go, Mary, as that place has always sounded so wonderful to me.

    Hi Kelly.

    Finding boxes of books and photos to go through is my idea of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, Janet.