Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Layered Light

Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

Click image to see larger version


  1. Gorgeous peaceful desert & mountains, just what I need this a.m.

    Concert last night was fabulous. My body wants this to be a non-work day, b/c really, who goes to a concert on a Tuesday? ::g::

    Brain is too pooped to think.

    Later, all.

  2. In addition: Here are the photos I took last night at the concert. I didn't know the venue allowed us to take pics, so I didn't bring a camera, thus the crappy photos from the phone.

  3. Gorgeous picture, reminds me a little bit of the San Francisco peaks in Flag. My view of them on what used to be my drive to school.

    I'm sorry to learn that Wisconsin didn't flip over entirely, but good on alla'y'all for winning back your Senate. Every little-people victory like that can help to reduce the probability of more violent uprisings, or at least delay them while other tactics have a chance to work, and peaceful change is always better than violent change.

    "Father, why have you forsaken my GPS signal? Have I not faithfully replaced thine batteries? Have I not updated the software, firmware, and maps?"

    And the LORD sayeth unto the techie-dude: Yeah, but Andromeda's on the way so don't worry about any of that until afterward. Oh wait, y'all don't live that long, do you? Damn, I keep meaning to update YOUR firmware... ::makes note on god-pad:: I'll get around to it, just keep your pants on and wander around in the desert a while.

  4. Even with phone photos, it sure looks like a spiffy time was had by all, Maria.

    Eek, Jen -- I was so overwhelmingly amused by your comment and Jim's reply yesterday that I forgot to comment myself -- OTOH since I couldn't have topped either, perhaps that was providential.

    Also, love the SF Peaks photos.

  5. Heard in my line yesterday at work while so many were stumbling around in shock at the news of the final district in Oregon being DESTROYED. Many were upset, outraged, confused. But here were the gems:

    "I aint got no use for no teachers."
    "The schools would have my support if they taught things that mattered like religion."
    "It's the damn unions! They don't care about kids."
    "Teachers are overpaid."
    "They should cut art, music and recess."
    "Disabled people should go to private schools."

    That my friends is why this country is dead to me. I no longer will consider myself an American.

    Americans HATE education.
    Americans are hateful, ignorant, intolerant selfish pricks.
    Americans support torture and wars.
    Americans don't care.

    Sure not all Americans but enough to have divided this country up to the point it's not safe anymore to have civilized discussions. We are now at the point where it's okay to demonize schools and teachers. My gawd we are an evil country. We destroy our children's future, safety, environment while we teach our children how to kill other children with drones.

    It's time America gets it's ass handed to them.

    A strong public education is the cornerstone of any civilized, progressive society. The republicans and the apathetic have destroyed it.

    I'm beyond bummed. And Wisconsin lost...

    I think the next war our children will be fighting will be the ones against the Right.

  6. One of the few national parks I've missed, andi! Thanks for the gorgeous picture. Reminds me of home.

    Glad you had fun, Maria, in spite of the amount of energy it took.

    I have lots of friends who are teachers, and think it's just awful how schools aren't being supported, everywhere. :( Something's gotta give.

    Send some of that rain down here, LK - we had a brief squall last night and this morning, but we sho could use more. But not until later - concert on the beach from 7-9 tonight.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.