Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Just Getting By

The Joint Trail, Needles District, Canyonlands National Park

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  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    And now it's Tuesday, Maria. Do you want to keep it too? :)

    Thanks for all that info, Larry. I'm feeling encouraged.

    We've thought about having a sun porch too, Janet -- although out here in the woods, it would only really be a sun porch from November to April.

    Beth, sounds like you're having a great time (with just having to put up with that pesky M-F work stuff that keeps rudely interrupting).

  2. Tuesday is good. :) Mainly because tonight I'm going to see Alan Doyle (one of the musicians from Great Big Sea) at a local (aka, literally down the street) venue. Really excited! Normally, I wouldn't have the energy for this, but since it's so bloody close, I can totally do it. Am wearing my "Canada, which I dig" T-shirt, too. (These were made by a buddy some years ago).

    Off to the mimes in a bit.

    Happy Tuesday, all!

  3. Fix that cliff, it's got a crack in it!

    Another yucky rainy day at FAR Manor. But the Accidental Sorcerers are here. Their mentor's telling them about one of his more spectacular pratfalls.

  4. Just a crackpot, Larry.

    Is anyone else going to watch the Transit of Venus with a pinhole projector?

  5. Because I am still laughing at Dogma's Buddy Christ, I sometimes imagine entire lines of Jesus dolls and toys like Barbie has: Jesus Dream House, Real Housewives of Jesus, Jesus Maserati Spyder, Gay Pride Jesus, that sort of thing. This shot is the perfect model for Trailblazer Jesus (sold with hiking stick and eco-friendly off-road vehicle, batteries not included).

    Today, my eyes are on Venus (via webfeed, d'oh) and my heart is in Wisconsin. Hope all of you are well as can be, as always.

  6. Go Wisconsin!!!

    Got horrible news today about my son's program. Here's part of the email

    As many of you are aware, the Beaverton School District adopted the 2012-2013 budget on Monday, June 4th. Among the numerous impacts, there will be no work experience stipend program for the 2012-2013 school year. You will be receiving a letter from our director of special education, Josh Fritts, shortly. However we wanted to let you know as soon as possible because of what actions we are taking here at CTP beginning this week in preparation for the change:

    Not sure of what the other "numerous impacts" are. Hope they aren't losing teachers or aides, too.

    I called and asked about Wes' job site - the Winterhawks and they said that they are going to try to plug him into an early intership program with the team. He ages out next year.

    Danni's school is losing ten teachers.

    this country's priorities really suck! I can't tell you how mad and sad I am. I could really slap a republican in the face right now.

    Jen, you are a rare beauty in my vision. Your humor and brilliance keep me afloat sometimes when things around here get puddily. I love you. I love Andi annd Jim also. Part of my family and that's important to me.

  7. I didn't build a long enough pinhole projector to be able to see the transit, but it was still fun.

    Janet, I can't tell you how sorry I am for the way your schools are being destroyed.

  8. Jen, Trailblazer Jebus says, "Father, why have you forsaken my GPS signal? Have I not faithfully replaced thine batteries? Have I not updated the software, firmware, and maps?"

  9. Hope you're enjoying some great music, Maria.

    Too bad you can't spread that rain around, Larry. I've been looking at the U.S drought map and there are a lot of places that could use it.

    Janet, that is such bad news. I hope Wes is able to keep his job.