Thursday, June 28, 2012

Growing Foward

Taken June 2, 2012.

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  1. ... continued from yesterday

    High today is forecast for 106. Ugh.

    Ugh too on flooding, Beth. Drought some places, flooding others. I hate these awful weather patterns.

    I loved Nora Ephron's essays, Maria. I think she ought to be as well known for them as for her movies.

    Agreed with everybody on the fires in Colorado but I have to admit, Larry, I'd still like to have you ride here. Maybe you could pass through Brown County on your way west. :-<

    Thanks, Candis.

  2. Morning, gang!

    Andi, I commiserate & empathize re: the weather. I'm so very, very grateful for a/c!

    Hoping for another good, swift, productive mimes day today (it's been a pretty great week so far!).

    Happy Thursday!

  3. The sun has returned - Debby is just a damp memory. Calling for record lows tomorrow - and record highs. But when 95 is a record, I'll take it, over what the rest of the country is experiencing.

    Two lunch dates with girlfriends today - luckily they're 3 hours apart. The work server has been down for a couple of days - frustrating when there's a ton of work sitting there, waiting to be done.

    Hope everyone has a peaceful Thursday!

  4. Morning!

    Ick. We're forecast for 3-digit highs over the weekend. Relative humidity is unusually low for Planet Georgia, so we have high fire danger warnings along with being able to get outside without drowning in our own sweat.

    Finished my first whack at the presentation. I might try it out on one of the local cow-orkers before gathering everyone on a conference call. (yes, the transposed hyphen was deliberate)

    May everyone's power & air stay running!

  5. Apologies for being so sporadically present/semi-responsive lately. I've been in a bad flare. Lots of symptoms but the worst is my legs not working/in a ton of pain. I suspect it's being exacerbated by the damn heat and I hope you are all feeling much better than I am, ugh.

    Our backyard daisies are in full bloom already, too, and this is the earliest they've done so since we've been here. Those in the know, if we deadhead them, will we get another bloom? I think they are prettiest late in the summer when the quality of the light starts to change, and in the evenings, just for a short period of time while the sun is preparing to set, they glow as if they have their own interior lighting.

  6. Hi, all. Not much to share but listening to the news on the health care. I really hope that the opt out doesn't destroy the bill.

    Scalia should resign - he wants to run, get off the Supreme Court and run (and lose!)

    And this doesn't make up for Citizens United.

  7. Mr. Work Bully didn't put up a fight. He quit and was walked out the back door.


    had the craziest chat with Danni's BF's father yesterday. OMIGAWD the self titled "right winger" is damn scary.

    He was praying that "the Muslim who was going to force up all to pay for lazy, no good bastards who can't get off the couch to get a job..."

    and they they follow the teachings of the Prince of Peace.

  8. So pretty with foreground/background Andi. Very cheery. :)

    Larry - my copy is the old one (think Leopard OS timeframe). I'm thinking of getting the new one through the OS App store though.

    Jen - I'm with Janet, adding my hugs too ... a big group hug.