Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Great with Green

Taken May 25, 2012.

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  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    Well Larry, Sniff iszen't that kind of dog.

    Happy Tuesday to you, Dina.

    Hope you have an energy boost for Tuesday too, Maria.

    Happy whatever-you're-doing, Beth.

  2. Another day dawns.

    Thanks for the energy boost, Andi. :)

    Prepping for the mimes & hoping for a steady, uneventful day.

  3. My ankles are a Bug Buffet™. Mason's too. I guess I know where I should focus the bug-spray before our next tramp through the woods.

    I've posted the last part of the current chapter of Accidental Sorcerers. Two chapters to go, but they're as long as the previous three. The more I think about it, the more I like its current 30K size, a tidy YA novella.

    Off to the mimes!

  4. That lush green is so beautiful that I want to sing it a love song. Maybe something by Joe Cocker.

  5. The green is gorgeous and I love yesterday's shot. Oh, and halllooooo. Back from Iceland and the UK long enough to be settling back into normal. Great trip, rough return. Had a funeral for a friend of 30 years on Saturday. He was 45, fuck cancer. Laura blew her back at that morning, so I had a perfect illustration of how old I am with a visit to the hospital while prepping for a memorial. Whee. On the upside the memorial and the gathering after were very healing. My friend Mike was a musician and performer and most of us who were his friends were one sort of performer or another at some point. Pack a hundred comic performers into a room, every one of them desperately firing off the jokes and storytelling that are their natural defense mechanisms, and you get a pretty damned entertaining memorial. Far more laughter than tears.

  6. I'm so sorry for your loss ((((KMc)))))). I concur, "fuck cancer"!

    If I ever leave you guys, don't hold a funeral for me. Have a wake. Have photos and music. Have memories.

  7. Hi, all. Maria, hope your energy is going up!

    Kelly, sounds like the perfect exit. When I go, I hope people party. Better for the soul.

  8. I am a bad friend but I think of you guys everyday -- I swear I do! Can I blame Facebook for letting me "see" people now and then without actually making any effort?

    (sigh) Probably not. ...

    Anyway, Andi -- I LOVE this photo! Is it recent? Things are already losing that lush look around here (although they aren't burnt out yet)

    (HA! I just realized what it is! ... It's the stress of this new profile/log in thing. I've lost a hundred comments to it. (wish me luck!)

  9. Hope you got the day you wanted, Maria.

    Ouch on the bugs, Larry. But good on the book/novella. (I'm working on my 10 things list ... very slowly.)

    Jen, I'd sure love to hear you sing Feelin' Alright, especially if you could get one of the kitties to take the Leon Russell part.

    So sorry about your friend, Kelly. Many happy memories to you.

    I with you, Janet. I don't like funerals (or cemeteries).

    Howdy, Dina ... and party on.

    Hi kb! The picture is from the end of May and things are started to look a bit beat up here too -- lots of heat and no rain. :(