Thursday, June 21, 2012

Going Ahead

Taken May 28, 2012.

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  1. So here's my Kreativ Blogger award "10 things acceptance speech":

    1. I grew up in a house that also included my mother, father, two sisters, grandfather, and two aunts.

    2. I was a horse-crazy adolescent. I watched TV shows and movies just for the horses (I watched the Horse with the Flying Tail every time Disney had it on). I read "horse" books. And, of course, I rode every chance I got. I went to an away camp for three summers because I would get to ride everyday.

    3. We had a family business until I was 15 -- a small department store (think of those stores you see in movies about small towns or westerns) which was originally my grandparents' but had been sold to my parents and another sibling and her spouse. All of us kids worked at it on weekends, holidays, and summers. I was the world's worst shoe salesperson but I was great in the hardware section. My favorite thing there was scooping the bluegrass seed out of the big bin because I loved the way the seed flowed.

    4. If someone forced me to pick a favorite classic in literature, I would have a difficult time choosing between Tristram Shandy and The Brothers Karamazov ... which leads to another thing: my tastes are not very consistent.

    5. Jim and I got married right before our senior year in college and did not go on a honeymoon because we didn't have any money.

    6. I first paid into Social Security in 1966 and I've worked every year since; so 2012 will be the first time in 46 years that I won't have made a contribution.

    7. The best compliments I've ever gotten weren't intended as compliments but made my 5'2" self immoderately happy: 1) being fitted for a bike, the salesperson was surprised that frame was too small and exclaimed "You have such long legs!" and 2) a woman in my dorm told me I was intimidating because I "talked tall".

    8. Wind in the Willows was the first book I bought with my own money. I bought it in 1960 and I still have it and I still love it (plus it has the great Arthur Rackham illustrations).

    9. In the early 1980s I was the technical editor at diesel engine manufacturer for their service publications. I used to know how to tear down a diesel engine and I think I could still manage a discussion of blow by.

    10. I love being retired (bet you're all surprised by that one).

    I don't believe in tagging people but if Nicky and Candis want to do it, they are both certainly more than deserving. ;)

  2. Morning, all!

    Andi, love your 10 things. You do indeed "talk tall". :)

    It's another scorcher ahead today. According to the Capital Weather Gang the only good things about today: "not quite hot enough to spontaneously combust & humidity not quite rainforest levels". Made me chuckle.

    I did have an uneventful mime day yesterday and hope for another one today. Then, it's weekend time!! I'll be QAing Blood Bargain audiobook and prepping it for uploading to Audible. Whee.

    Happy Thursday!

  3. Andi -- Wow! What a great list!!! It reads like chapters in a YA novel.

    I magically managed to sleep until almost 8am. I can't remember when that last happened!! And when I woke up I discovered clouds, rain and coolish temps. So this might actually be a nice day after all.

    Yesterday was almost magically weird. Wasn't too much scheduled except to help my dad finish the prep for a chart to take to his doctor. That part went well & I went home. But, not too long after that I got the weirdest call from him. His car wouldn't start (so could I drive him to the doctor) and there was a horrible smell in the garage that almost knocked him off his feet with the disgusting power. So could I track that down. And wear gloves, it's probably something dead.

    Oh, boy.

  4. Andi, loved the 10 points.

    Maria, here's to the weekend.

    Katiebird, good luck with the tracking - can I just say ugh.

    We are having the heat here and it is not fun. Loved this picture partly because it looks so nice and cool.

  5. Hello to everyone and {{{hugs & condolences to KMc}}}. Sorry about that new permanent scar on your emotional skin, man. Fwiw, I decorated one of mine with a tattoo when I lost my BFF Kevin back in '96 and it's been cathartic as well as become a much beloved "living" memorial. I trace it with my fingers sometimes when I am thinking of him.

    Andi, honestly, I have an easier time imagining you throwing shoes at customers than attempting to sell them shoes, lol.

    My very best wishes to all of you, as always.

  6. ... God said, "Just take a chill pill" ... and it was good.