Friday, June 29, 2012


Taken June 2, 2012.

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  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    Well we only got up to 104, instead of 106. The kind of amazing thing was that we started the day at 67.

    Hope the day went like you wished, Maria.

    We broke records for highs all over the state yesterday, Beth. I'd rather none of us did that.

    Same here with the weather and fire danger, Larry. Fourth of July fireworks got rescheduled here -- till September.

    Hugs and hope the flare goes out soon, Jen. I've got no gardening advice for you but I've never seen daisies in late summer.

    I wish we could get Scalia off the court, Dina, but I'm pretty sure he loves ranting from a position of authority way too much.

    Great news that he quit, Janet!

    I thought they looked like an especially cheerful group, Candis.

  2. Nifty pic!

    Off to sleep doc for check in this a.m. - glad it's early because ugh, not looking forward to the rest of the day's heat/humidity. Andi, hope you & Jim are keeping cool.

    Finished watching Justified through Season 3 last night. Wow. What an awesome show. Can't wait for Season 4 to begin. It's just what I love: flawed characters plus great writing.

    Happy Friday!

  3. Morning all!

    It topped out at 99F here yesterday, but this morning it was already 80 at 8am. If the humidity stays low, I'l live.

    Janet, good to hear the bozo left. Good riddance. The other guy? *sigh* I hear/see stuff like that all the time around here.

    Candis, they just updated Scrivener to 2.3 in the last few days. Looks like a nice collection of touch-ups, mostly.

    OK, off to the mimes. Taking the motorbike because the car doesn't have working A/C anyway. :-P

  4. Gorgeous day here, so far. 82, heading to 92. I guess our sea breezes help keep that awful heat at bay. Wishing for relief for everyone soon.

    Funeral this afternoon - my guy's grandmother. 93, so she led a good life. But still hard to see a wonderful lady pass. Am meeting the rest of the family today - just have to figure out what to wear for a Southern Baptist funeral and the family gathering afterwards...

    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend that involves submerging yourself in cool water, if you're in the hot parts of the country. Sending beachy cooling healing vibes your way!