Monday, June 18, 2012

The Dimensions of Turning

Taken June 6, 2012.

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  1. Zen Sniff says "The joy that is the weekend should be experienced to its fullest. Workdays are blecch".

  2. And me, with the weird sense of humor, was thinking Zen Sniff said "That unmentionable only felt like this."

    Janet, I think you might have just solved the whole police violence thing. :-) Instead of billing a gathering as a "protest," call it a "street party" and theme it that way. That might even work for the next G-7/8/9/whatever… a "99% party." When cops break up a protest, they're all "tough on crime" and crap. When they break up a daytime party, they're assholes.

    Mason wants me to read a book, so I'm going to do that, then get the wife booted up so I can get to the mimes.

  3. It's definitely Monday again.

    Trying to keep up my energy levels @ the mimes.

  4. Big Monday hugs to all. Out for a few days - back this weekend. Hope everyone has a good week -