Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Beauty Made Small

All these flowers are about 1/4" inch across

Click image to see larger version


  1. ... continued from yesterday

    Nicky, I guess getting too much rain is bad but as we haven't had any rain for about a month, I can't help but feel jealous.

    Glad for your gloriousness, Maria. :)

    No books to compare to, Larry, but I think criticism of something you've put so much of yourself into is always hard to take.

    Hope the storms weren't too bad, Dina.

    I wish you could too, Beth. And I wish you weren't getting such destructive weather, too.

    Crossed my fingers for you, Janet. Hugs to you no matter what happened.

  2. Morning, all!

    Quick drive by hi as I head to the mimes early.

    Wishing everyone a great day!

  3. Flowers! I posted a pretty flower on my blog last night. Then the post goes on to document an incursion of a less pretty thing. Maria said, and I quote: "Ewww ewww ewww ick!!" Life at FAR Manor continues to be weird.

    But it's been such a help, Andi! That's what's throwing me. It's really helping tighten things up, to the point where I don't intend to ever chuck a book out there without a similar editing pass. (Never say never, but… yeah.)

    Janet, that sucks. If that bf's mom knew *why* you were cleaning out your Mom's garage, that was beyond tasteless. I just hope the bf has enough sense to rebel. :-P (Have you heard this one? "What's a Baptist's idea of religious tolerance? Dating a Methodist.") Hoping for good news at work today. Hell, even transferring Bozo to another store, if one there is, would be a partial victory.

    Beth, good to know you got home OK — stay safe, you've got a small but constant chance of tornadoes until Debby finishes crossing over. She's moving about as fast as a Florida Old Fart off a traffic light, huh?

    We're getting high clouds thrown off from Debby up here, although I think the popup storms are just standard fare for early summer on Planet Georgia. With a 10% chance of rain, I got sprinkled on for about 1/3 of my trip home yesterday (of course I was on the motorcycle, a 10% chance of rain never comes up wet unless I'm on the bike). But when I got to town, I saw debris in spots and there was a huge tree down across the road just past the courthouse. At least it cooled me off some, and there's no rain in the forecast today.

    OK, time to throw the work clothes on, wake up Daughter Dearest, and head for the mimes…

  4. Hi, all.

    We did have storms last night, but not too bad. And it brought in cool, wonderful weather! So all to the good, Andi.

    Larry, you are going to be my first call if I ever see a spider like that! UGH!!!! And the reflection - even bigger UGH!!!!!

    Hope everyone has a great day!

  5. Farf, thanks. He was suspended and walked out the back door. But only after I had to work near him for 4 hours. I had to say it all again to HR lady who had been on vacay and other asst store manager. They then told me that they will have my store manager who talked to him each time and has been dealing with his probation and other disciplinary actions as well as the head of HR on Thursday.

    I was shocked that he had so many complaints against him and written warnings as well as other suspensions! But no one wanted to "come forward". Well I have. Now I have to write something out for them...

    anyways. Danni's BF's parents are NVTS. They flake on getting the kids home/picked up. Sometimes deciding to "go out" rather than pick him up so we have to alter our plans. They tell Danni that non-christians have no family values. Yet, his dad cries every night and gets drunk (his words) and his sister who is just out of prison (19) for selling drugs to school children - is always coming home drunk and screams. HDanni's BF is adopted since age of 2 from Russia. He's told Danni that once he graduates he's never going to church again. Danni asked why the wait and she said that his parents have always said that if didn't attend church and conventions that they'd send him back.


    We're having sunny skies and then black skies. and I don't mean night and day :)

  6. Got this from work. Couldn't wait to share it with you all.

    A rescued duck insists on walking everywher, everytime with the family, but the sidewalks are harmful. So they fashioned some sandals for him. I just love this! It's a great warm and fuzzy.