Monday, June 25, 2012

Beat by the Heat

Taken June 7, 2012.

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  1. They look so blissful! Poor old cat just peered through the cat flap and looked at me in amazement - the sun is shining! Apparently this could be the wettest June on record so we're praying for a decent July and August. I know we Brits joke about our weather but it's been really depressing this summer and everyone's glum. Let's hope the sunshine continues - but not holding my breath!

    Happy (sunny) day to all.

  2. Morning, gang! I took the weekend off from everything - just needed the peace and quiet. No TV, no Internets. Just me & the kitty relaxing. It was glorious.

    Now, back to the real world.

    Nic - here's hoping for sunshine your way.

    Happy Monday!

  3. Howdy all! Poor doggies, run around then flop over. :-)

    Janet, sometimes I think a little marinating & baking is just what's needed to clear the emotional gunk out. Interesting, the collection of books your mom had… from what you've said about her before, I wouldn't have expected them either!

    Mary, that's why I suggested typing into Notes then pasting. Double-tap to get the "select all," then Copy, then switch into Safari & paste. If Blogger is hungry, just paste again.

    Nicky, I'll send you a little of our sun. Our forecast is hot & dry all week. Just a few hundred miles south, though, TS Debby is dumping buckets of rain on the Florida panhandle & south Georgia. And it's moving about as fast as the Pack in the above pic. Now Beth boogied away on a road trip, right? Good timing. ;-)

    Maria, I didn't get much net time either, although it wasn't self-imposed. We spend a lot of time at the inlaws' place now, and he got no wifi. I can mostly keep up with Twitter on my iPhone, sitting on the porch while Mason plays with his rolling stock, but yesterday I took my Kindle with me & read instead. I may start taking the BT keyboard with me and writing (into Evernote), or could just go low-tech with pen & notebook.

    Edit-cranking on White Pickups is going a lot slower than it should, and that's with a few of them having already been added via overall comments from the editor. I keep wanting to snack, or just get up and walk in circles, or play a card game. The edits themselves are really helping, far more than I expected, but part of me is balking at doing it. Did anyone else have this problem with their first book?

  4. Hi, all.

    Thunderstorms on their way here - very dark and windy right now. Of course, I have to be out and about. Oh, well, it could be worse.

    Larry, good luck with the edits.

    Maria, welcome back.

    Nicola, hope you get the rain.

    I already feel like the pups!

  5. Actually, I did a quick airplane trip last week, but got home just in time for Debby to roar in. 3"+ of rain so far, and it's still coming down. It looks like she's going to keep heading this way, so they're calling for at least another 3" in the next couple of days. Only 79 degrees, which is lovely - I have the windows open, so I can hear the rain. i lived in London for 6 years as a kid, Nicky, and learned to love rain, so I'm enjoying this storm. Other folks aren't so lucky, though - beaches are eroding, tornado warnings, 14' waves, 10"+ of rain - and we have days of storm ahead of us. Wish I could send some up your way, andi! Or to the fiery west...

    Never had that problem, LK - I always get lost in the story and enjoy being able to tighten it. By the third draft, though, I'm ready to be done with it. Good luck - eat an extra snack for me! There's no deadline - do what works for you.

    Hope everyone has a peaceful week - I'll be online, looking for ark building plans.....

  6. Deep breaths. I go in today to find out what happened with my claim at work.

    Had a nasty moment with Danni's BF's mother. She's a total rightwinger (she said it not I) I dropped Danni off yesterday and they all knew what we had done this weekend, going through my Mom's stuff in my garage. So I pull up and she comes running down, "Now you can help us with our garage!". Uh... No. So I just asked her if she had lost her mom. She hadn't. Then she did the old Republican tap dance, "I was just jooooking."

    Farfaroni, so when do we all get a signed copy? :) Just jooooking.

    Beth, I love the rain, too. Something cleansing about it. I couldn't wait to hear what the rain on my new home sounded like after we purchased it.

    I need to get window screens for the backside of the house. Ones that are kitteh proof but still bug proof. That way we wouldn't have to have the ac on as much. Can't get much circulation in the house with the back windows all closed up.

    Have a good day everyone.