Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Taken May 22, 2012.

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  1. Thought I'd break the VGW to make up for putting up the spider (sorry can't help myself; I think they are so cool).

    Belated hi to Maria, Dina, and Janet.

    Janet, I'm really glad to hear there is some progress being made.

  2. Wow!

    It's iridescent - do you know what kind it is?

  3. I can admire spiders...from a distance and in photos. ::g::

    Today's a bad pain day, pretty much everything hurts. Working @ the mimes from home. Doc appt on Friday for follow up and meds.

    Sends hugs to Janet & Jen on general principle.

  4. Hi Candis. I thought it was some kind of orb weaver but it doesn't have the distinctive banding on the legs so I'm not sure.

    Hope the pain subsides soon, Maria, and that the doctor is able to find something that will help.

  5. Icky, andi....that's as close to spiders as I want to get! Maybe still a little too close...

    Hugs to all who need them...

    Spent a great weekend on the Suwanee RIver camping and cruising through the woods on a golf cart. Strange idea, but big in FL. Over 1000 acres of woods and river and lakes and fields and bat houses and canoeing and camping. Folks who think Florida is all Miami and Disney World should spend a few days there.

    Now back to the real world: work, watching basketball, listening to live music. Oh, and watching it rain - the summer storms have arrived early, and we're trying to catch up on years of drought in a few short weeks. My first big traveling trip in a long time comes up next week, a couple of days in the Houston area visiting a music girlfriend. Funny that I'm kind of nervous about being so far from home - whodathunk it, after 8 years on the road?

    Hope the rest of the week goes smoothly for all.

  6. Echoing the "hugs to Jen & Janet on general principle."

    Beth, I guess traveling is like anything else. Once you get out of the groove, you have to find it again, eh?

    Training at work starts at 8:30 sharp. Well, not really sharp, but I need to get going soon so I can get my stuff together before class starts.

    Mason didn't take a nap yesterday, and was out old before we got home around 8:30 last night. And except for a couple squawks, has slept all night & is still sleeping.

  7. Waves to all! Also echoing the "hugs to Jen & Janet on general principle."

    Beth, sounds like you have found your home and now will miss it. Not too bad, really!

    Larry, congratulations on the sleeping child.

    Maria, hope the pain gets better. I am with you on the spider thing, pretty as this picture is.

    Everyone, happy hump day.

  8. Me and Jen had a threesome with some General Principle! :) Thanks for all the well wishes for the young man.

    Graduation was excellent last night. They had two students due to commencement insteadof someone famous or infamous. Had a hard time getting out of NE Pdx as there was a hostage situation in the neighborhood of the uni.

    Gotta go to the mimes today. I really need to go to college. My turn to wear the cap and gown.