Monday, May 14, 2012

Where's Andi & Jim!?! We've been looking everywhere!

We miss you, too.
Taken April 30, 2012.

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  1. "We found something extra-putrid to bring home to them!"

    Looks like a VGW at this point, but might end up simul-posting with Maria. Y'all know how that goes, right?

    Back to the mimes. Been checking the office email this morning looking for anything that needs an immediate response (no) and successfully trying to remember what it was I was doing before bolting for vacation. Guess I'd better get to it. Super-wet rainy day to look forward to, perfect for easing back into work.

    Waves & hugs!

  2. Wet.
    That is all...

  3. Winterhawks lost in game 7 so they are out of it. They came so close. It was a Dream Season.

    Wes is now anxious about whether or not he'll work there next season. Gawd I hops so! It's been wonderful for him.

    Both kids are out with sore throats and fevers. Running them off to docs at 11. I'm so tired due to not having my husband around (I don't sleep fully while he's gone) and the running back and forth to hockey games and just all around tired.

    Adios for now.

  4. Janet, I hope you're able to get some rest and that the kids feel better soonest.

    Smooches to those cutie pie pooches and may all of you have a good week despite the present Mondayness of it all. ;)

  5. Dragging myself over the novel finish line here. Hopefully done tomorrow. Halloooos to all. Played Igor yesterday, blowing up rubber duckies for science: Boom!

  6. Rainy Monday here too but the upside is I have a clean house. Not too bad!

  7. Hi all. Really hard hike today with 1600 feet of climbing and some of it was basically vertical. Very, very tired.

    One more day of hiking here. Then we go to Great Sand Dunes National Park for one day and then we start the long slog home (but with a stop on Friday in Kansas City to visit with Nancy and Katiebird -- so yay for that).