Friday, May 11, 2012

We Interrupt This Green

... for the requested white stuff photos (taken by Jim from the car window)
Both photos taken May 7, 2012 in the Rocky Mountains
Click images to see larger versions


  1. Brrrrrrrchilly! Pretty, though.

    Happy Friday, all. Heading to the mimes today to make up for Monday but there is a rainbow at the end of the tunnel: I've got a movie date with some friends to go see The Avengers tonight. w00t!

    Looking forward to seeing a movie actually in a theatre. Last time I did this I think it was for the last Harry Potter movie.

    Wishing everyone a fabulous day!

  2. Morning all! We're home from NC but I'm still off today. Which means I'm going to get roped into some in-law project. :-P Wrote the fifth chapter of Accidental Sorcerers, which concludes their trip begun in Chapter 3 (and I'm going to start posting Chapter 3 come Tuesday).

    Hope everyone's done well while I've been not looking in this week. I've moved my browser to Chrome, because Safari was just killing the overall performance of my MacBook, and found I depend heavily on the built-in RSS watcher to remind me which blogs to check. I've installed RSS Live Links and will start rebuilding. (I should add Kelly's blog while I'm thinking about it.)

    Mason should be squawking soon… maybe I'll get a second cup of coffee before that!

  3. Hi, all. Beautiful here today though very windy.

    A nice quiet Friday for me. Hope everyone enjoys the day.

  4. Hawks lost in Edmonton so the series is 3-2. That means this Saturday game 6 we could be eliminated. But the team has had such a winning year. Winterhawks are a development team. They are a farm team. Many of our boys are going straight to the NHL - which isn't particularly how it works. Others are progressing upwards as well. We had a 19 home game streak. Been to 30 of the 36 home games. It's been an awesome ride.

    But.. I have a young man who is so passionate about the game and last night after a horible commute home... he was crushed to listen to the radio (old school of "watching" a hockey game) that our boys lost in the final minute.

    Wes' had a stress monkey of a time getting home. People are buttholes who don't realize how their actions affect others. There was a fight on his bus and everyone was made to get off. Wes made it to his other stop where there was a 3 car accident which then also resulted in a fight. He has a severe reaction to sirens. He was screaming at me when I finally got him on the phone (he had been texting) I was ticking through our contingency plans while trying to get him calmed down. I knew I wouldn't be able to get to him for some time due to the traffic back up from the accident. Doing this while having co-workers hear and possibly judge. I finally reminded him that his stress reactions/actions could alert the attention from the cops on scene and that he didn't need that hassle. He calmed down and I got to him. Only to come home and listen to his beloved team lose. But we had a great time listening to the pre-game interviews with the players who said it has been a great year and the fans have been wonderful.

    That made Wes happy. To hear that the players really appreciate the fans so much. Have a great Friday everyone.

    I can't imagine what it's like to have people say you can't be with the one you love because of something so stupid as gender. What's next skin color? Race? Religion? Oh yeah...

  5. I meant to say they are NOT a farm team. Duh

  6. We've had a day without rain and there's been a strange golden light in the sky, very alien to us lately. Fingers crossed it'll think about settling. April was the wettest on record and yet there are still parts of England under drought regulations. Wrong kind of rain apparently. (Sigh)

    Good weekend to all and a great trip for Andi and Jim. x

  7. Snowy photos are always so much prettier when taken by other photographers ... ha! :D

    Seriously though, very pretty -- and especially awesome for TTW Jim. Love that we can see actual flakes in the left photo - assuming that's what they are, and the way the trees are leaning this way and that. :-) Glad you didn't have a problem driving through it Andi!

  8. Thank you! So very lovely I can almost smell that cold western mountain air. E & I are both excited to see the eventual vacation album.

    In local goingson, our rescued feral mama cat Miss Ruby Tuesday is in the ER right now having emergency surgery due to an infection. I'm waiting to hear back any time now, very anxious and worried about her, any extra good mojo anyone has to spare would be kindly appreciated. She will probably have to stay in the hospital until Sunday but they seemed fairly confident they could fix her. I WISH THEY WOULD CALL ALREADY. Ahem.

    Hope the lot of you are well as can be, and may all the travelers stay safely in awe and wonder.

  9. Update: Ruby is out of surgery and everything seems to have gone well. ::huge sigh of relief:: She had to have a hysterectomy. She'll need a little time to recover but vet says the operation went smoothly, no complications, and they're going to give her post surgery knock-out meds so she can rest the night. Hopefully she'll progress well enough to come back home again as soon as tomorrow evening.

  10. ((((((Jen & Ruby))))))))) peace and strength to you my dear friend.

  11. Hi everybody. Gorgeous hike* today but it reminded Jim and me in much too forceful a way that we and our bodies aren't young any more.

    Glad folks enjoyed the snow pictures.

    Jen, so glad to hear that Ruby is doing okay. I hope she gets to go home tomorrow.

    * 11 mile hike to the confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers with lots of ups and downs over slickrock ledges, in and out of sandy washes, and over rocky paths.