Monday, May 7, 2012

Some of us hate vacations

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  1. Hi folks. We're leaving Kansas (well after we drive 160 miles) and aiming for Grand Junction, CO and its gorgeous rocks. Hope everyone has a good day.

  2. Happy trails to Andi & Jim!!

    This week has already started off on a sour note - woke up with back/hip muscle spasms, even though I took a muscle relaxer last night. :( Sad Maria is sad. Decided to stay @ home & not work, but sit in the recliner with a heating pad & Vicodin. Hate to go there, but I can barely walk. Ugh. Stupid side effects.

    Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln...

    Hope you all have a great day!

  3. Ahh, so cute. Dog possesses shoes.

  4. So confusing trying to email you. How to fill out form?
    Wishing safe travel.

  5. I'm sure the Pack considers the journey to be more interesting than the destination. Noses to the wind!

    Maria, hope you feel batter soon. I sometimes get a hip cramp when on the motorcycle, but standing up for a few seconds can clear it. Get high and write!

    Hi Kelly… hope you're doing well.

    I'm on vacation too, at my mom's place in the cool rainy NC mountains. Mason has already decided he likes taking long walks through the development, although he hasn't been sleeping well. (So neither have we.) I'd thought I'd focus on White Pickups edits, but so far what little writing I've done is for Accidental Sorcerers. Mumble.

  6. Keens! I love Keens. Just won another free pair from work. I'm getting the tennis shoes this time - the A86 TR.

    Also won a dinner out on the town due to this Keen Freebie as our young courtesy clerk is autistic and just didn't understand the order process of getting his new shoes (for the second time). I made sure he got his this time. So the store gave me a "Thanks A Lotto" card. I did nothing really. :)

    Winterhawks won Game 3 last night. Edmonton came back in the 3rd with 3 unanswered goals so it got quite anxious at the end but we managed to pull it out and win 4 - 3. Wes is working Tues. Am going with my friend from work. GIRL friend, that is. LOL. Was told that if we buy season tix next year, we'll get the friends and family %. Sweet! I'm just hoping Wes can work next season. He LOVES it. It's up to the school district and the Winterhawks.

    Have good journies today everyone. I'm getting home at 4 today so it's almost like vacation time for me as well :)

  7. Aw, poor Bebo. Hopefully the time will seem fast for them and slow for you. :)

  8. Hi everybody. Very long day (600 miles of driving) that included driving through a snow squall in the Rocky Mountains which was actually kind of fun (or at least beautiful). Now we are settled in for a few days where we can look out of window at the gorgeous red rocks of the Colorado National Monument.

    bono, what kind of problems are you having? When you click on my name on the right side of the page, it should take you to my profile page and on the left side it says "contact me" with "email" below it. When you click on email, it should bring up you email program with me email address in it.