Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rock Art

Black Ridge Trail, Colorado National Monument.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Wow - that is truly nifty!

    Excited this a.m. that the dragon has launched. Would've gotten up in the wee hours to watch, but totally slept like a log (which is a good thing). The excitement surrounding the launch reminds me of the days of my childhood during the Apollo program as we crowded around the wee TV.

    Decided to take Thursday off to extend my holiday weekend to 5 days. Whee!!

    Happy Tuesday, all!

  2. A Lichen N. Moss original, I see!

    Things are settling. This time I'm going to put the computers in the car before heading for the mimes. :-P

  3. Hi, all.

    That is a wonderful picture! Looks like a frog to me.

    Larry, just read the latest in the Accidental Sorcerers - really enjoying these stories.

    Maria, I miss the space program and all the excitement around a launching. Hopefully, we will all get as excited about it again soon.