Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Life on the Edge

Ruins at Hovenweep National Monument, Utah

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  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    Feel better soon, Maria!

    I'm jealous of your blackberries, Larry. We have blackberry bushes around here but the wild critters always seem to know the second they're ripe and eat them all.

    Hope you enjoyed the tea and photos, Jen.

    Safe journey, Dina. I'd be more jealous of your seeing Nancy if Jim and I hadn't gotten to have a lovely breakfast with her and katiebird on our way home from vacation.

    Bummer on the crappy work hours, Janet. Hope the day went by fast.

  2. Mmm, blackberries. ::g::

    Thanks to modern meds (a.k.a., penicillin), I'm feeling much better today. Still coughing, but that's to be expected.

    Janet, sorry to hear about your retail hell. I've never really understood the whole, "OMG, holiday shopping" craze. I'd rather spend it at home with a good book or two.

    Up far too early today (woke up at 4:44). At least I'm getting a few things done (i.e., responding to email, etc.).

    Happy Mid-week, all!

  3. Cool! Are those Spanish ruins? (I can't remember if the native people used brick or not.)

    Daughter Dearest also got the Retail Hell treatment all weekend, and I mean all weekend. She was supposed to be off Monday. Was. She had to put the word out that she has plans for this Saturday.

    Mason has picked up "no way!" as a negative response. In more pleasant news, he's sleeping in a regular bed. Time to take down the crib. I'm going to move the exerbike in there.

  4. On Monday, we actually had customers say, "Happy Holiday!" they had no idea it was a day of somber remembrance. For the most part, Americans really are selfish and ignorant. Yeah, I'm an American but I'm deeply disturbed by my countrymen and their priorities. I fear them. I believe in the humanity of One but when you get a group of humans together... they usually start acting like animals. No offense to animals...

    Yeah on Mason's getting a big boy bed. Booo on the "no way". When he says, "no way!". Just say, "Way!". :)

    Beautiful pictures F Peeps!