Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Life Imitates Art: Indian Blankets

Near the Moqui Dugway, Utah

Click image to see larger version


  1. ... continued from yesterday

    Thanks for the link, Nicky. And since it was Memorial Day in the U.S., I hope everybody there had a few silent chews in memory of the ship. ;)

    ... back to today.

    or this time it could actually be art imitating life and formations like this provided inspiration for designs.

  2. Almost forgot to make this announcement --

    We have an album up of pictures from vacation [LINK].

  3. So gorgeous!

    Lovely pics of the vacation, Andi & Jim. I'm living vicariously these days. :)

    Staying home today, my summer cold has morphed into bronchitis/sinusitis (as per usual). Turns out that having sarcoid makes one more susceptible to lung infections. :/ Le sigh. So hot tea and one more day on the long weekend for me - even though I'd totally rather *not* be doing this.

    Hope everyone had a good weekend.

  4. Gotta love patterns from Nature. Maybe that's where the blankets came from? I'll have to have to look at those pics a little later.

    Janet, it's so good to hear that Wes is having things go his way for a change. Sounds like he's ready to upgrade his bedroom decor… well deserved!

    Nicky, happy Jubilee!

    Maria, bummer. Hope you get better soon.

    I found ripe blackberries yesterday. Not many, but it's not freeking June yet! Around here, July 4 weekend is picking time… or was. Last year, it was just past mid-June. This year, I think we'll get enough for more than a Mason snack next weekend. Plants know what CONservatives refuse to believe about climate change.

    OK, time to buzz to the mimes…

  5. Big yays for Wes finally getting all that SSI stuff worked out. It can be a real nightmare to get settled into the system 'cause they'll fight most people tooth and nail on the way in, but hopefully things will run smoothly for him now. Janet, such a good plan to keep the rent money in a separate account like that, you go right on wit yer bad self, hockey mom. :)

    I have to go to the grocery store (BOO!) but then Ima come home, have some breakfast, a nice cup of tea, and flip through the Fs' certain-to-be-stunning vacation album (YAY!).

    Hope all of you have a great week, whatever you're getting up to.

  6. Hi, all. Leaving soon for Omaha, the Black Hills, then a swing down to Kansas City to see Nancy.

    Be good.

  7. Dina, give NancyPants and yourself a big Portlandia hug from me will ya? :)

    I'll check out the vacay photays with some Chai later on this weekend.

    Love the blanket formation. Reminds me of the diary on DK that showed the avalanches on Mars. To me they looked like chocolate. ;)

    Was a long day at the mimes yesterday. Holidays in the USA means "Sales".... so all were out shopping. My till was over by 109.99 dollars. Freak out city.

    working a mid shift today which I dislike immensely. 1230 - 830 so nothing gets done but me feeling bone arse tired.

    Get better soon Maria!