Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just a Walk in the Park

Brown County State Park
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  1. I would like to see pictures of the snow squall and the red rocks please. :)

    Happy travels to Wayne & the Fs and happy day to all who follow.

  2. You will get to see them in a few days -- I have a bit more Indiana green to show off first. :)

    And you'll definitely get to see even more red rocks as we're going from here (Grand Junction) down to southeastern Utah.

  3. I know you say it's not the Limberlost, Andi, but looking at the photos I'm getting an urge to dig out my Gene Stratton Porter books again!

    Prize books despatched to Dina and Mary! Hope they have fun reading.

  4. Hi, all. Nicola, can't wait!

    Andi, that is a road I would like to go down.

    Nothing much going on here and glad of it. :)

  5. Somewhere a little boat drifts slowly away.

    Maurice Sendak has passed on. I loved him so much. With each year of my life, I loved him a bit more than the year before.

    Maybe he's dancing and howling at the moon right now? Grrrrrooowwwlllllll!

  6. Strange things in China for Wayne. His students couldn't wait to tell him of Bush's visit to the Wall and such... They were all Bush this and Bush that. He said he thought Bush sucked and should be in prison. They were confused. Wasn't he a republican? Wayne told them NO. I'm a Liberal.

    The people he works with at least have some inkling of the environment they are destroying. The pollution is so bad in Dalian that the walking areas are slippery from it. He now knows what it feels like to have asthma as he never feels like he can catch his breath.

    Can still see the oil slick from the largest spill they had last year. Can't even use the water to brush your teeth.

    But his students are VERY intrigued by this Liberal who refuses to drive a car.

    He said these people have no clue what individuality is. None. He said China is like Arizona or Texas but without all the guns. Nor is their much use for coffee. The only shop he's found opens at 4pm.

    He's super tired and more tired of rice. Got his first class ticket for a sleeper car. Very excited about that and his student/companion for the trip, Bruce, is extremely curious about Wayne's liberalism, ideas, and his general health. In a good way. Wayne has a way of changing some people by walking his talk than any person I know. However, he is not non-violent. He will kick these teabagger's ass when they get in his way. LOL

  7. Pretty place to perambulate.

  8. Hi all. Brain is not processing text well because we had a long but very good day. Falling into bed now.