Thursday, May 24, 2012

Great Way to Start the Day

Abajo Mountains from Monticello, UT

Click image to see larger version


  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    Hi Maria, Dina, Jen (that conversation is brilliant), and Nicky.

    Nicky, it ain't just John Wayne that was making movies in the area [LINK] :)

  2. Gorgeous mountain!

    Am still in the throes of ZOMG, AVENGERS, FTW!! Had a fun time last night with work friend - only a scattered handful of others in the theatre for the 6:45 show. So much fun! I've got a lunch/movie date tomorrow with another friend (the one I was supposed to go to movie with last weekend, but she had to cancel). Avengers again! It's exactly what I love in a movie meant for fun/escape with the solid plus of great writing and a well-balanced ensemble. So much fun!

    Today is the first day of my extremely long holiday weekend. It's meant for recharging - so I'll be quietly in the corner chair, reading with kitty on my lap. Can't think of a better way to spend what looks to be another thunderstormy day.

    Cheers, all!

  3. Morning, all. Mason's dozing in the recliner while I'm harnessing the Power of Caffeine to wake myself up. After work yesterday, I went out and finished pulling up all the ivy in the landscaping pit around the cherry tree, so I'm a little stiff this morning. Not sure what I'll replace it with just now. Wife is enamored with the mulch made out of chopped up car tires ("guaranteed 99.9% wire free!") but damn that stuff gets expensive.

    Nicky, sounds like a great time was had by all at the wedding. Hope the rest of the marriage is as fun! ;-)

    Did I mention that the evil twin of the Evil Twins is at the manor? Let's say "undisclosed reasons" for now. But she's been a huge help with Mason. I'll shortly have to get her and/or Daughter Dearest out of bed so I can start miming without worrying about the rug rat. And so… see ya!

  4. Hi to all. Busy day doing errands and such. Hope everyone has a good Thursday.

  5. Hey all,

    Very pretty pictures of places I am unlikely to see much of. Deserts freak Laura right the hell out.

    Hope life is treating y'all as well as possible. Book's finished and off to first readers (98 days from start to 2nd draft) and I am now trying to catch up on three months of things that need to be done, pretty much all before I get on a plane for Iceland and Scotland on Saturday. Other than crazy things are going very well.

    I realized I've hit a point in my writing career where if all the projects that are out come through at once and I say yes, I will explode. Am trying to formulate strategies for how to prioritize ALL THE THINGS and figuring out what to say no to, just in case. It's very strange place careerwise after years and years of feeling the need to say yes to everything. I'm not quite there, but I can see it from where I'm standing and it's been really good to have a handy role model for how I might go about coping with it.

    Anyway, I continue to lurk and think of you all and wanted to say hi since I have a minute.