Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Glorious of Ferns

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  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    Hi Beth. Glad you could dig your way out for a visit and that all is well.

    Janet, I love that description of the photo!

    ... back to today.

    We're going from Grand Junction to Monticello Utah. We're taking a backcountry route that includes 30 miles on a dirt road that climbs from 4,625 to 8,570 feet. Whole trip is supposed to amazingly gorgeous. See you all many dusty miles later.

  2. Gorgeous ferns! So cool & inviting.

    Happy trails this day to Andi & Jim. Can't wait to see the pics that result from your journey.

    Going into the mimes today. The hip is less painful.

    Am extremely happy at our President's declaration yesterday regarding marriage equality and nearly as equally angered at the vitriol spewed against him. I am so tired of the hate. :(

    ::hugs you all close::

  3. Basically what Maria said!

  4. Well I'm glad we're all in agreement on ferns. I love 'em all -- though I admit to a slight favoring of maidenhair ferns.

    Night all.