Friday, May 25, 2012

Getting From Here to There

Confluence Trail, Needles District, Canyonlands National Park
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  1. ... continued from yesterday

    Happy long, long weekend, Maria.

    Hope the holiday break from the mimes, Larry, is completely enjoyable for you too. Also, tire mulch?!?

    Dina, Sniff had to go to the vet to get some blood drawn (he's starting arthritis medication and they need a baseline). But other than him, everybody else had a fine Thursday.

    Hi Kelly. I'm glad you can slip by here and visit us in the midst of all that being busy. And my sympathies to Laura on her desert dislike -- she's missing something spectacularly gorgeous and fascinating.

  2. Morning, gang!

    Watching the Dragon doc this morning via livestream. I love technology.

    Later, off to lunch with a friend, then another showing of Avengers (why, yes, I am a geek!).

    Happy Towel Day!

  3. Howdy all!

    Yup, Andi, tire mulch. It doesn't attract bugs & doesn't rot away as quickly. But it does have that rubbery car-tire smell for a few days, not intolerable but noticeable.

    Maria, and Happy Birthday to Mrs. Fetched… who always knows where her towel is.

    Kelly, I'm not "published" and I've had to start saying no to the ideas. Actually, what I do is capture everything I've thought about in a mindmap or wiki and shelve it for later. Maybe if I quit my dayjob, I could be caught up by the end of next year. As it is, I'm thinking when the edits on White Pickups come back I might just take a week off work to crank in the changes. Then it's a final skim-through, prep the eBook and CreateSpace files, then load the Launch Cannon and fire! And then I crack open the Crown Royal.

  4. Hi, all. Andi, I have a vet who comes to the house. I love it. Casey, my 17 year old, has thyroid problems and the vet was just here to take blood. Still stressful but not as stressful as taking Casey to the vet.

    Happy Towel Day to to the Mrs., Larry.

    Maria, enjoy the long weekend. Of course, that goes for everyone, just Maria getting a head start on it.

    Nice quiet weekend for me except for getting ready to go to Omaha next week.

  5. Andi, thanks so much for posting your vacation pix. The desert is like an old friend to me now and it's always so good to see her familiar face again.

    Dina, we also have a home-visit vet and as far as I'm concerned she is doing the WORK OF THE GODS. (I don't actually believe in gods, heh.) Wishing you safe travels.

    Kelly, it's good to hear that your writing career is going so well that you're starting to have to weigh out your yeses. That's a good position to come into and I hope you're indulging yourself with little moments of reveling in it.

    For the first time in my life, I have said nothing but "no" to writing novels for nearly a year. After so much time, my brain pesters me less but it still won't shut up. I've been profoundly depressed, but when I was saying yes, I kept getting bucked off the animal in 3 chapters or less, no matter how much time/energy I spent with preparation and taming tactics before getting into the pen. I'm amidst the difficult process of accepting the stone cold fact that my neurological damage has changed the way my bodymind works in this regard (as it clearly has in other regards) and that I simply cannot do what I wanted to do. Unwilling as well as unable to stop writing altogether, I'm adrift rather aimlessly at this point, in search of a new form.

    May everybody find a way to live their best dreams, or, failing that, at least have a great long weekend. ;)