Saturday, May 5, 2012

From One State to Another and Another ...

This is post for both Saturday and Sunday.
We're leaving on vacation early tomorrow. Sunday travels will take through Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas. I plan on regular posting during the trip.
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  1. Are those blue geraniums? I love them, got some in the garden.

    By an astonishing display of incompetence I've managed to pick THREE winners in my blog competition! Explanation on the blog,
    One of the winners is Mary, who follows this blog, and the other - through no fault of her own - is Dina, who is also a 40 acres fan. Even though she never actually entered the comp in the first place!

    So, if they'd like to contact me via the blog, they'll each get a copy of Murder Fortissimo in the post a.s.a.p.

    Have a great trip, Andi and Jim

  2. I did, I did. I entered it on your blog though. Sniff.

    Andi and Jim, have a wonderful time and travel safely!

    1. I know. I remember checking names on here and spotting you and that's why I must have got muddled. It's sad really, poor old biddy that I am. Email me your address and it'll be in the post on Monday. Luckily I have plenty of spare copies!

  3. Well I'm glad we've got that all worked out. :)

    Sheesh, it feels like I've been getting ready to go all day. Almost done now.

    Talk to you all from some other state some time tomorrow or Monday.

  4. Have a great time Andi and Jim!!!

    KMc!!! Take care. Full breathing is a good thing to be able to do :)

    Been adventurous times here at Casa Damnit. Hockey has been king. Winterhawks are still doing well. Going in tonight for game 3 in a 1-1 series against Edmonton. If we win this series, it's the Memorial Cup! OMHockeyG!

    Wayne left for China via LA, Seoul. 27 hours in planes. Dalian is high industry and high tourism. Very dangerous for driving or walking. Hitting a pedestrian isn't seen as a crime there. So Wayne's company has an airport greeter, a driver and an interpreter for him. One of his students will be going along with him to Beijing next weekend on a train trek to Badaling's portion of the Great Wall and the Forbidden City.

    I also told him to do what most wives would never do. I told him to go to a day spa and get a full body massage and scalp to toe treatment. I said to tell the tour person portion of this business trip that it's an athletic massage not a ... well you know the kind. He's a bicyclist and punishes his body by tryint to perseve the planet - he deserves the royal treatment. And he might as well get it there where he can afford the real deal. He's also going to undgergo some accupuncture, too. :)

    He's on a grand adventure.