Monday, May 21, 2012

A Brief Vacation from the Pack

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  1. Critters!!

    How is it Monday already? Trying to kickstart my brain/body this a.m. and face the mimes, though I'm not so sure I'm succeeding. ::g:: At least it's a long holiday weekend coming up.

    Managed to miss Neil Gaiman (again!) - he showed up to Nebula Awards banquet, for which I had a ticket. However, I was still so wiped out from being around so many people on Friday, I ended up spending Saturday at home and sleeping. Stupid body/illness/whatever. :(

    Oh well, one day... ::g::

    Wishing you all a great Monday.

  2. I just know that one day humanity will build that spaceship, we will get to another galaxy, we will land on a whole new planet, we will step off the spaceship onto ground that human feet have never touched...and there will be a squirrel sitting there looking EXACTLY like every other squirrel we have ever seen back home.

  3. Morning!

    Maria, bummer about missing the Big Star. :-(

    Jen, and the alien squirrel will demand a bucket of acorns!

    In the "it's definitely Monday" category, I left for the mimes this morning, but left the work computers sitting in the bedroom. Had a couple errands, so it wasn't a totally wasted commute. Back home now, about to start miming.

  4. Ooh, the colour in that top photo is so rich. Like the world is golden-hued. I like the other photo up at BT too - nice of the critters to pose so well for you. :D

  5. Love the pictures. And the idea of a squirrel waiting for us out there. Maybe a cat too.

    Maria, sorry about the big miss. Here's hoping for next time.

    Larry, glad that it wasn't a total waste this morning. So aggravating.

    It is cold and wet here, but I just remember that we need the rain. Happy Monday!

  6. Send the rain this way, DIna! We could sure use it. Thought I commented this weekend, but since I don't see one, there must have been a snafu on one of our ends!

    Thanks for the West pics!

    Took a few hours off this weekend to listen to music and grab a drink with friends. Sure was nice! But now I have no motivation to dive back into the fray....

    Enjoy your evening, all!