Monday, May 28, 2012

A Brief Vacation from the Desert

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  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    Yay for Wes! What great news, Janet. And the panda cupcakes are adorable.

  2. Hooray for Wes and the Winterhawks! Loved those cupcakes. Monster's bf is a lucky kid. ;-)

    Today is mow the lawn day. I'm going to deal with it after breakfast, so it's not too beastly hot. Beryl is going to recurve up the coast, so we're not likely to get much from it—maybe a little breeze & a low chance of rain. I might get the wood chipper out & nuke the rest of the brush pile. (I sorted it into little stuff for the firepit and bigger stuff for the woodpile, but the wife is whining about the pile aspect.)

    OK, coffee's kicking in. Later!

  3. Hope everyone is having a good Memorial Day (for those who celebrate it!) and good Monday to everyone else.

  4. Working. And we get DOUBLE TIME today! Grateful that my store doesn't run those "memorial day sales". So many holidays or days of remembrance are commercialized as it is.

    Listened to my friend's Patriot Games - Hank Woji. The lyrics will set your hair on fire.

    I'e decided that I'd rather spend time making cupcakes or treats that taste super than LOOK cute. I think that is my talent. However I do decorate rather well with other items...

    Picked up 11 (look, it goes to eleven!) cookbooks over the weekend. I guess it was a cookbook buying binge. But I had 4 Powell gift cards from the back east in laws that I had laying around. Some were brand, spanking new. And still I didn't get the one I had been wanting for a long time. Homemade Pantry - she even has a video up near her book on the nasty Amazon. I use their site to locate and look up books then I buy them on Powells :)

    Very excited about Wes' job with the Hawks. He'll be starting in the summer part ticket office (same crew he worked with) and at summer practices. He'll be working all home games this season instead of just weekend home games. He's so excited and we need to get him suits.

    Oh and his SSI finally has been fixed. They even upped his amount from $400 to $698. But we need to get his pay stubs from school in each month - but they don't always come each month - sometimes you get three in a month. So will have to fix that and get this stuff direct deposited into his account. It's sad that you can't legally save the money for him for when he needs it. He has to use it on "rent and food". So we take his rent and food and put it into another account in my name. He did buy a new quilt for his bed. San Jose Sharks quilt. He wants to update his bedroom so it looks more like a bachelor pad instead of a little kid's room.

    Gotta run to the mimes.

  5. Typo - his will be working summer practices with either the coaching staff or equipment manager. Wow!

    And on the SSI, they paid him back pay for all the time the intake lady screwed up. kinda makes up for how poorly they treated him and made him go through more evaluations over autism stuff.

    So suck on that one old, angry, white republicans... a young, disabled person got a piece of the social safety net :D

  6. Hi Larry, Dina, and Janet. Hope everyone had a good holiday (yay for double time, Janet).

  7. Hope you all had a good holiday. We have next Monday and Tuesday off as it's the Queen's Diamond Jubilee; we're going to No1 daughter's street party on the Tuesday evening.

    Today I'll think of you guys at lunchtime as I muse on our shared history - why? Because I'll be lunching here: It's a fascinating place and a great story.
    Have a great Tuesdaym everyone.