Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Bridge over the Weekend

Sipapu Bridge, Natural Bridges National Monument

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  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    So, Maria, is the Avengers getting better with each viewing?

    Larry, did I read that right that yesterday was Mrs Fetched's birthday? If so, I hope it was a nice one.

    Wow, a vet who makes house calls. That's really great, Dina. No such thing around here (unless it's a horse or cow).

    I'm really glad that you are enjoying the photos, Jen, but I'm very sorry about the problems you are having with writing (somewhat selfishly too because just the small bit you read to us made me want to read much, much more).

  2. Morning, gang!

    Yup, Andi, Avengers getting better - noticed a ton of little details during yesterday's viewing.

    Scurrying off as today is a work day - must get in some hours of recording.

    Happy weekend!

  3. Yup, Andi, it was her birthday yesterday. We ended up at a Chinese restaurant for supper (her last choice but all the other places were crowded).

    Jen, you might want to give #FridayFlash a try. It can be a challenge, cramming a story into 1000 words or less, but it's good exercise doing a story (almost) every week and it helps you decide what's really important in the story. You can get a Twitter ID — I, Maria, JimF, Maryb all have one (and Boran, but he isn't on much) — and post links with the #FridayFlash hashtag. Or you could try a serial. When I started FAR Future, I had no clue about where it would end up (pantsing at its finest!). I was about 10000 words in before I started to develop sub-plots, and then a story arc suggested itself. Before then, I thought I wasn't suited for long-form fiction either. Oh, and serials get a #TuesdaySerial hashtag on Twitter. Both have "collector" sites where you can send links — that's how people w/o Twitter see who posted what. Just a thought. As usual from me, a long rambling thought, but there you go.

    Coffee: about to kick in. Breakfast: at the in-laws. Big V recruited me to go to Gwinnett and pick up her hubs from the truck yard later. There goes the morning, shot to hell. :-P Later!

  4. Thank you for always saying such nice things about my work, Andi. :) It feels pretty dim right now but I'm hopeful that letting go of novels will put a crack in the dark and let the light of a new form peek through. When I was 3 and learned to write, my first beloved forms were music and poetry, so who knows? Maybe those will come back. I recently bought a new guitar.

    We're re-decorating some sections of the house soon -- need to convert the kitty nursery back into the library it's supposed to be, heh -- and we're thinking of putting a piano in the front room; E's mother used to play, and I played all kinds of keyboards as a child. In a much easier & cheaper aspect of the re-dec, I've decided to hang a series of themed pictures in the short hallway that leads to my bedroom. The theme is passageways, and I want to include a wide array of different kinds. The photo you posted today would make an excellent contribution. Might I request an email with a full size image?

  5. Larry, thanks for the suggestion, I appreciate your consideration very much. :) I may very well try out the FridayFlash, as short forms are the only things that are working for me right now and I like the implicit dirtiness in the name, heh.

    PS. I finished at least 7 novels by the time I was 30, so it's not that I could never write to completion. They were not particularly good, so I was not doing it particularly well, heh, but I could do it. It's just that the stupid f*n illness did too much neurological damage and my brain can't handle that much material allatonce anymore. It shot my ability to do formal philosophy all to hell, too. BOOHISS. Maybe I'll wind up as a zen poet. That's all short forms. ;)

  6. Hi, all.

    Maria, here's to voicing it!

    Jen, may the writing come back in some way that makes you happy. Coping with a chronic condition is no fun. Remember the spoons. If you haven't heard about that, check out the spoon explanation of chronic illness.

    Larry, love the Friday Flash so always looking for more!

    Andi, I am thrilled with my new vet. I liked the old one a lot but it was so traumatic for the cats and me (particularly carrying them with my bad back!) that I was so happy to find one in this area. Funny, the first hint I had about it was a mystery book I read about a mobile vet and it made me do a search for one in my area. I feel very lucky to have one.

  7. Thanks for the good wishes, Dina! Yep, I'm familiar with the spoon metaphor; it actually doesn't work very well to convey what my individual experience has been like, but I can definitely relate to it. Those home visit vets are great little spoon-savers. ;)

  8. So now are you are up for third viewing, Maria? :)

    Well bummer on getting her last choice. I think she should get another dinner out with her first choice.

    Wow, neat guitar, Jen. I'll be happy to send you the photo (I'm assuming you mean the ladder one so let me know if you want the other shot). I have some other "passage" pictures I think you might like and I'll send those on to you over the next few days.

    Bebo would actually be disappointed, Dina, if we had a vet come here since she loves riding in the car, no matter where we're going.

  9. Janet... Damnit!May 27, 2012 at 8:13 PM

    Kick butt guitar Jen!!!!

    Wes will be working again with the Winterhawks!!! During the summer, even! Whoo hoo!

    Me and Danni's Pandas came out looking... well, frightened.
    Look how scared they are! A hybrid of a goalie, a panda and Beeker the Muppet!
    Danni boxed these up for her boyfriend. Even has a Panda butt in it!!

    Already figured out better ways to decorate these next time...
    But I'm trying to learn the Zen Art of never apologizing for food one has
    prepared for others. Especially when they are delicious sweets.

    Black Chocolate mini cupcakes with Cherry Cola Frosting.

    And then Danni and I decided to do our own creative thing.
    Which always comes out wonderful!
    (Even when someone has to be extra extra different.)

  10. Janet post-caught upMay 27, 2012 at 8:45 PM

    I can understand KMc's Mrs. being so afraid of the desert. I've watched one too many horror movies where the setting was in the desert. Also, some pretty freaking plots in Twilight Zones were set in the desert. Plus, I just don't like the heat. I can pretty much make do with every element except for severe heat.

    Jen, I am not ashamed to admit that Mr. Hobbes, for me, was a brilliant role model. Should hear me explain what Easter is aboout to my little kidlets way back when. Somehow it came out as more of a zombie film than a rite of Spring. Zoiks! :)