Saturday, May 12, 2012

And We're Springing Back

This is a post for both Saturday and Sunday

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  1. Priddy flobbers!

    Janet, so sorry to hear about Wes having trouble. But talking about hearing the hockey game on the radio took me back to when I was Michigan Tech and hearing the student station covering the games. A couple of our guys were part of the Miracle on Ice team in 1980, too.

    Jen, good to hear Ruby's going to be OK. I guess even cats get what ladies so demurely call "female problems" too.

    Did I mention that the mother-in-law now has a dozen laying hens (with a rooster or two)? They aren't too much hassle, except that the cows knocked down the fence to get into their yard. "A few minutes to fix" of course turned into the entire morning. I've got pics of the birds, been meaning to do a blog post. Maybe for tomorrow. But the cows have been doing their best to eff up everything now that the chicken houses are closed down & no longer able to do much to us.

    It's officially the weekend… in a couple days I'll be back at the office! I finally broke down yesterday & checked office email, but only to delete spamtrap reports and the like. See y'all tomorrow, most likely…

  2. Thanks to all for the good wishes. They must have been very good ones because Ruby has been released from hospital a whole day early and is already at home resting comfortably (near as I can tell). Y'all are the best wishers ever.

    Cows and chickens and mothers-in-law, oh my! ;p

    Sounds like the Fs need a spa day. And now I am cracking myself up with the mental image of the Fs dressed in terrycloth robes and mudpack-green faces over befuddled expressions, like, "How in hell did we get HERE? That damn Jen."

  3. Halooo from windy NEFL! Blowing like crazy out there - making me think twice about driving a couple of hours to hear a friend play music. Then again, he flew all the way from San Diego and didn't complain... I still have a couple of hours to decide.

    Otherwise still have my nose to the grindstone. A few more days of this project and maybe things will slow back to normal. Then again, normal usually means no work. There has to be a happy medium. Anyway, apologies for the long absences. Not getting much accomplished at all except grinding out the work. I'll take most of tomorrow off!

    Happy Saturday to all - and thanks for the snowy pix, andi, but I'm glad it's there and not here!

  4. 900 bills introduced by the Republican Party to cut Womens' Rights and yet there is no War on Women according to them.

    Jen so glad the pootie is pootin' along.

    Farf, I love listening to hockey games on the radio because I can do things while listening. Otherwise my ass is on the couch. Planted. Like a Dandylion anchored in the cement crease of my driveay.

    Love you guys! Gonna be in the high 80s today and will be 90 by Monday. Which is freaking weird here. But that would be scientific talk and we can't have that - especially from a whoaman. :)

    And as always, let me be the first to wish you all a Happy Anti-War Proclomation Day!!!!! Yes, they even bastardized that incredible day by us women of Peace from all over the world. They hijacked our strength and conviction and turned the day into a brunch reservation...

    Rise Up! Rise Up!

    For those who still insist of happy shiny things. Maybe this Mother's Day you can add Peace and Courage to your day. Visit a vigil. Make a Peace Sign. Talk to your children about what Peace means to them. Visit a memorial. Volunteer to bring Peace - even for a day to someone.

  5. Happy weekend, everyone. Another day hiking and being amazed by the geological splendors of Utah.

    I did get a mud treatment, Jen, but due to my general klutziness, it all ended up on my hiking boots.

  6. Winterhawks Won game 6!!!! OMFG!!!!!!
    It was amazing!
    Now on to Edmonton for game 7....


  7. Yay Janet & the Hawks!

    Nicky, if you're around, the wife got her birthday present a little early. She started reading in the van and said, "I'm going to like this!" I had to confirm what she guessed a euphonium is though. ;-)

  8. Hi, all. Busy day yesterday that included seeing Paul Gross (one of my all time favorite actors) on stage. So just catching up. Jen, so glad about Ruby. Janet, sorry about the troubles.

    Farf, congratulations on being Mr. Fixit - or maybe condolences!

    Andi, try for the mud on the face treatment! Hope you and Jim enjoy the hike today.

    If I missed anything, sending good thoughts to you!