Monday, April 30, 2012

Zen Sniff Ponders Seeing What She's Seeing

Taken April 20, 2012.

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  1. Boy, how did I miss 5 days? Life speeds by in a blur. Too many hours working, a smattering of live music, and time whizzes by. Nice to catch up this morning, though! On news AND pretty pix...

    The prom pix were gorgeous, Janet - Danni is gorgeous! Hope they had fun.

    And I remember when DD was heading to college, LK - hard to believe she's graduating already! Where in the heck did the years go?! Congrats to her!

    Hope you had a good weekend, Maria! Well, hope everyone did...

    If anyone wants to see my favorite singer hard at work, check out the Hog's Breath web cam in Key West from 5:30-9:30pm eastern time - he's singing there all week (which of course means it's gonna be a looong week for me til he comes home):

    (I've forgotten how to format it so you can just click on it, sorry!)

    Anyway, happy Monday, y'all!

  2. Thanks guys! Prom did make me feel old. As we drove into Portland, we saw so many young adults decked out. There must've been at least 5 proms going on.

    Ripped out all but 4 of the roses and put in lavendar, tomatoes and herbs. It's my yard, I and I have been wanting to do it since day one. Wayne had to get it all done this weekend as he's leaving for China this week. Already, one of the back lights is not working. Things alway fall or break when he's gone. At least this isn't a military deployment. Been there, done that... didn't get a t-shirt.

    Never got the hang of Mondays... ((((Douglas)))

  3. Hey! Where did my comment go, dangit?! Did Zen Sniff get hungry? Anyway, there are graduation pix on the blog.

    Janet, I thought Danni was 14? Prom already? Eep. She does look like her mom though!

    Thanks you guys!

  4. Janet - Danni looked so lovely, and her date is a cutie-patootie. :)

    Love Zen Sniff.

  5. Danni is 17, a Senior. :)

    Thanks Candis :) I'll mail her cutie-patootie your way. Actually he's really a nice kid.