Saturday, April 21, 2012

Yes Sir, That's My Baby

Hickory, taken April 7, 2012.

Black gum, taken April 6, 2012

Maple, taken April 5, 2012.
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  1. Up far too early working for mimes @ home. Not going to last long as there are several roadblocks - some of which are due to my lack of knowledge and need to be kicked up to a developer.

    Oh well.

    Happy Saturday?

  2. Signs of spring, how lovely. After the buckets of rain we've had here the trees are covered in green and it's very springlike, albeit wet.

    You'll never guess where I am? I'm at the Crime Writers' Association conference - it's in Southampton and I'm staying in the hotel. Except I've just nipped home as it's only five miles down the road and a free afternoon to explore isn't a novelty for me. It's great fun, nice people, interesting talks and plenty of good food.

    I've also found all the missing people who ticked to follow my blog so I can stop sending out SOS messages and stop panicking!

    Have a good day, all.

  3. Happy Saturday, all. Maria, hope work is over soon today. Nicola, could we have some of that rain, please. We were supposed to have thunderstorms today but so far all we have is sun.

  4. Wes came home from school with a shattered back tooth. The old root canal from the dental nightmare time literally shattered so they had to pull it out in pieces today. His new dentists is a total hockey head! :) So that made Wes happy. He's on some pain medicine and he's very "eeenteresting".

    It's 80's here which is too hot. We don't dig heat here. Wayne and DanDan are out and about but Wes is laid out on the couch and watching non-stop hockey which is part of his dr's orders. He's got ice cream and Dad will make his cheesey garlic mashed potatoes for dinner.

    Hope the Sharks pull their head out of their butt and win or we'll be eliminated. But the Winterhawks won their game one. WHOOT.

    Hola to All-a!

  5. Guess I'm a little late -- but hi and good morning all.