Thursday, April 5, 2012

Willow, not the type to weep

Taken March 20, 2012.

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  1. Oh.

    What a gorgeous photo, Andi. Kudos!

    I am rejoicing in the fact that it's my Friday today. Hoping for another calm, productive work day @ the mimes, though I do pray for better lunchtime karma. ::g::

    Happy Thursday!

  2. Morning all! If that willow isn't weeping, is it pussyfooting?

    Maria, here's hoping you remember your lunch this time, heehee. I try to do that when I'm at the office, but it doesn't always happen. Glad to hear your peeps survived the 'naders!

    And now, it's time to hit the mimes.

  3. Get this - I think I've discovered the source of my digestive upset on Tuesday. Got to the mimes this a.m. and went to fridge to get ice & water. The ice scoop had brown gunk and MOLD in it!! I used this scoop on Tuesday a.m. to fill up my water bottle. UGH. Didn't use it yesterday b/c I'd brought in a bottle of water from home, so this makes a lot more sense than blaming my sandwich on Tues.

    Needless to say, today, I went down to the deli we have in the building and bought some bottled water.

  4. Hi, all. Beautiful picture, Andi.

    Maria, stay away from that ice! If it happened once, it can happen again. I do hope this puts the stomach to rest.

    Larry, don't let the mimes hit back.

  5. Andi, love it! Nature's own party horn to celebrate spring's arrival. Toot, toot!

  6. Eek on refrigerator crud, Maria. Also yuck. Hope this does solve the problem.

    Definitely pussyfooting, Larry.

    Hi Dina. Hope you are all recovered from your travels.

    Perfect link, Candis. :D