Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Touch of Green

Taken March 21, 2012.

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  1. Woke up. Thought the clock said 6:14, so figured I'd go ahead and get up, as the alarm is set for 6:30.

    Did all my morning routine. Sitting at computer reading stuff on Facebook, then I see the computer clock says 5:53. ::facepalm:: Got up an hour too early.

    Stressful afternoon yesterday with DFW storms - spent it watching news reports online and texting w/my sis who was holed up with her co-workers in the library bathroom. Plus bonus!bad reaction to lunch and bad tummy issues made for a very early night. Guess my inner clock said I'd had enough sleep.

    Oh well.

    New staff starting this morning (replacing staff that left). Whee?

    Hoping for a quiet, productive, FAST day.

  2. Sorry to hear that, Maria. I hope everyone is all right.

    Had a wonderful time at LCC but I am VERY tired now. Getting too old for these long days flying home.

    Good to be back.

  3. Preeeeeeeeetty.

    Oh, that sucks, Maria! Maybe that lunch cart wasn't such a good thing after all? Here's hoping the new staff doesn't need a lot of hand-holding.

  4. Larry, it wasn't the lunch cart that did it - went to lunch at one of my fav family owned places. Was a miscommunication in the kitchen with the order, so I ended up getting my sandwich a bit late. Methinks it probably sat out a bit too long. :( (hot sandwich w/meat & cheese)

    Same lunch mojo today - went to chain restaurant. Ordered tortilla soup. They were way short on staff & it took 30 mins just to get my soup, which was lukewarm when I got it. Le sigh.

    Tomorrow, I'm bringing lunch in.

    Dina, everyone in Dallas is fine, thanks. Was very very scary. Both sis & BIL had to take shelter/emergency procedures. By the time they traveled home, all was fine.

  5. Glad everyone you know in Dallas is okay, Maria. My family down there also got through it okay too.

    Hope you're feeling more rested now, Dina.

    Thanks, Larry. With all the warm weather and lots of rain, this spring has been a gorgeous counterpoint to endless November.