Friday, April 13, 2012

Taking the Long View

Taken March 30, 2012.

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  1. Spa day...Spa day...Spa day...Spa day...Spa day...Spa day...Spa day...Spa day...

    Can you tell I'm a wee bit excited? Haven't been able to do this in soooo long.

    Happy Friday, all!

  2. Maria, have a wonderful spa day.

    Love the picture, Andi. Love the way the one tree stands out - maybe like a guard. Hmmm, who is it guarding??

  3. That kind of reminds me of the view along US31, up between Indy & South Bend. Couple of places along there, you can see for 3 miles easy.

    Happy spa day, Maria!

    Hi to Dina, Candis, Beth, and all who swing by later.

    Late lunch here. Not feeling inspired at the moment, but that's OK. After the early scene rewrites, I churned through the rest of the White Pickups draft pretty quick. Just have to print it out again & take it to church where my editor (the other tenor in the choir) awaits. To quote a different Beatles song than the one I've been riffing on for my current FridayFlash, "It's getting very near the end."

    It *has* to get easier, right? At least I know what to expect now… heehee. A Twitter friend posted a Hemingway quote last night: "There's nothing to writing. You just sit at the keyboard and bleed."

    Back to the mimes, I guess.

  4. So, Maria, are you all buffed and polished now. :)

    Well, Dina, until a couple of years ago when it finally fell over, there was a very old outhouse right by that tree.

    Candis, for a possible explanation, see my comment to Dina.

    Except, Larry, that between those two places, it's almost entirely flat. This is on Indiana 46 between Nashville and Bloomington in the Brown County hills.