Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sorry but we can't stop now. We're busy evolving

Taken April 9, 2012.

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  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    So Beth, are you having a two-puppy night? Hope the new project goes well.

    Our temps, Janet, are all over the place. We've had some pretty chilly temps (even below freezing a couple of times). I think April has been colder than March.

  2. Tadpoles, FTW! I remember going to a nearby creek as a kid and collecting them in a jar.

    Temps are crazy chilly here still, like you, Andi. So cold last night I had to snuggle underneath the down comforter. Mother Nature is really playing a heck of a trick on us!

    The mimes are busy, busy. Huge project launch tomorrow (in time for client's massive trade show this weekend), so it's all hands on deck, pulling rope and whatever. I've been immersed in that since last Thursday. Today is the final push, so I'm sure it will be an insane day. The good thing: they're buying us lunch every day, so I'm good with that. It also reminds me how very, very happy I am that I'm no longer a project manager/production staff.

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. Never been a fan of the tadpole; always reminded me of sperm.

    Andi, I finally googled the goldfinch (what a great euphemism for something dirty) and nope, I have not seen any of those.

    Unfortunately, we had a tree expert out to the house and due to foundation threat we've got to have the tree from which the bird-feeder has been hung removed. They are coming for it today. Sad day. :( Yikes, they are coming for it in like 15 minutes, I have to go give all the cats calming treats so they don't freak the hell out.

    Have a great day, y'all!

  4. Heyo, still nose done in the book. I'm with Jen on the tadpoles for much the same reason. Had fun with bees last weekend helping Neil install three packages in hives that died over the winter. Hope y'all are doing great. TTFN.

  5. Yep, two-lab night, andi! Right now they're snoozing at my feet, keeping them warm.

    Good luck with the project, Maria - sometimes it's nice to not have responsibility!

    Sorry about the tree, Janet - I hate seeing trees cut down, for whatever reason. :(

    Off to try out a new hair stylist - wish me luck! The last one sent me home looking like Little Orphan Annie...


  6. It warmed up today, Maria, but it's going to be in the 30s tomorrow night -- so confusing.

    I am amazed that you haven't had any goldfinches, Jen. We get such a mass of them sometimes they look like extras from The Birds (except they are a bit small to be scary).

    So Jen and Kelly, why do you hold looking like sperm against tadpoles? I could understand if they looked something truly horrifying like, say, Rush Limbaugh.

    Oh, puppies on you feet, Beth. How wonderful. And how needful of a post at your place -- with pictures.

  7. Objects in this photo may appear larger in a few days.

  8. I won't attempt to speak for Kelly's neuroses, heh, but the concept of sperm was absolutely terrifying to me as a young girl-child because I understood very early on that sperm could change my entire life in an instant, and forever. Once I finally got old enough to have some agency over my own body, that fear lessened considerably, and now that I am chemically post-menopausal, it is gone.

    Maybe we do have goldfinches and they just aren't as bright yellow as the pictures I saw online. I really am a clueless city-rat about these things, Andi. :)

  9. The females are a sort of dull yellow; the males are very bright yellow. I've never seen females without males, though.