Monday, April 9, 2012

Most Interesting Fella

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  1. Morning, gang!

    Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I did some audio recording plus spent time relaxing. Yesterday, I cooked a lasagna (cheese) and a batch of mac 'n' cheese with ham. Yummy!

    Got woken up at midnight last night by a certain furry creature horking...all over my feet. UGH. Posted this on Twitter this a.m. to find out my sister's cat had done the same. What, are they colluding now?

    Hoping this is not the universe's sign for today.

  2. We stalk our prey… tonight we will feast on doggie treats!

    Maria, I've never understood why cats won't use the litter box for hocking up hairballs too. Dig, puke, bury. But nooooo!

    Off to the mimes to see what the nutty so-and-sos have hatched.

  3. Larry, hocking in the litter box would take all the fun out of it. On the bed is great - if the human is asleep in it, extra points are awarded.

    Hope Kit is OK. Tis hairball season!

    Everyone have a good day.

  4. You had a visitor hiking thru your woods? The pups are very awares.
    Another nice day here, although the forecast is for s-n-o-w tomorrow and Wednesday.
    Can't really complain, the winter was very mild to nonexistent.
    Andi, did you ever put together a calendar for purchase? I love your pix. Would be willing to buy some.
    Happy Monday.

  5. been busy with hockey schtuff... Winterhawks are in the second round and leading in that series 2 - 0. Good news is that Wes' school wants him to return to the organization next season if the Hawks will have him. So crossing fingers. Wes is even making plans for the future in hopes that he is able to earn an internship with the hockey club. He's even talking about going to COLLEGE while working weekends.

    Wayne is expected to travel to China in a few weeks to teach. There's alot of stress involved with that.

    This Wednesday, we're going to go see Arlo Guthrie perform!!!!

    Danni has a boyfriend now. He's very sweet. Took him to his first hockey game this weekend. He put his arm around her and several rows of hockey peeps glared at him LOL. We've been sitting in the Billets and Employees section so we've gotten' to know some of the seatmates. Many knew that this was a first date. The kid stood up well to much scrutiny.

    Off to the mimes...

  6. Kitty conspiracy! Now there's a plot line for a short story, Maria.

    I think Sniff and Bebo a certain self-defeating aspect to that strategy, Larry.

    Howdy, Dina. Gorgeous day here. Hope yours is too.

    Bono -- eek, snow! But no eek on the visitor -- that's my hubby. I never did a calendar but I've done something else you might be interested in. Just email me (click on the AndiF link on the right to go to my profile page where there is an email link) and we can discuss it.

    So glad, Janet, to hear you've got lots of good things going on (well except Wayne going to China which sounds kind of lonely for all of you). Very much hoping that everything goes well for Wes and the team.