Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Giving Flowers

Taken the first week of April, 2012.

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  1. Flowers! Spring!! A-choo!

    Off to GA for a couple of days to wander thru the woods and play in the dirt. Y'all be safe while I'm gone, and stay out of trouble. :)

  2. From yesterday: Nicky, as close as we get to a Roman road is a pizza place a few miles away called Noble Romans.

    Have a great time, Beth. And don't sneeze too much. :)

  3. Flowers pretty. Pollen bad.

    Beth, have a great time!

    Me: I can't catch a break. Woke up at 1 a.m. with a bout of food poisoning. UGH. Going to stay home today and recuperate & work on Friday instead. I'd really love for a month to go by with nothing health-related happening.

    Le sigh.

  4. Nicky, Andi, what a cool story hook: a group of Roman colonists go up the Mississippi & Ohio and settle in secret in southern Indiana! The question is, what caused them to die out and leave only a few roads to nowhere behind?

    Janet, I'd put a doughnut on the vertigo being related to your stopped-up ears. Hope Wayne does OK in China; my brother had to go back at the beginning of the year & the place I work for sends people there all the time. More than a little sucky when you think about it, because the only thing we're exporting there are jobs.

    Mason was still asleep when I left this morning, but he didn't go to bed until 11:30, and that only because we put him in the crib and let him bellow until he got tired. Need to get him down at 10:30, I think, or earlier.

    OK, now I need to figure out what to do with the mime time. :-P Later!

  5. Drive by hi. Everyone, be healthy and safe.

    Love the flowers.

  6. So bloody cool. Space shuttle Discovery fly-by. Wasn't really close, but I knew what it was.

  7. Feel free to use the Roman angle, Larry! It would make a great story.

    Ahem! *Coughs nervously and shuffles feet* I'm hauling myself, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century and today have launched a blog, http://nicolaslade.wordpress.com/
    It would be great if anyone here felt like following me, just so I don't feel a complete lemon - don't worry, I won't be blogging every five minutes, and you don't have to read the flipping stuff - just click on the box! Please?
    (And remind me who has blogs so I can go the rounds and return the compliment)

    There will eventually be giveaways, but I need to get used to working without parchment and quill first!

  8. Oooh ... so very pretty Andi! Not sure which emotion is stronger -- happiness b/c of all the beautiful colour you're sharing or envy at all the beautiful colour you're experiencing. ;-)

  9. Congrats on the Blog, Nicola!

    Farf, yeah don't we know that one. But this is not about exporting jobs thankfully. The big company he works for has plants all over the world. It's really odd though the amount of security that will take place. Because he has company know how secrets or something. Not every plant has the same high tech knowledge. I think China is kept several years back. So he has to be very careful about his training - not to divulge info while teaching.

    Horrid night. Winterhawks lost a big lead, again, and now we are at game 7. If they win, they go on to the Memorial Cup - that's like the Stanley Cup for the WHL. If the lose, Wes will be heartbroken and unsure of the season up ahead.. his job. He's become very attached to the non-schedule schedule of this job. He's going in tomorrow on a Wed. His other times have been on the weekend only. So it's very exciting and jarring.

    I was out last night and still am today - able to sit up a bit. SHarks lost, as well. I can't beleive how much they suck. I used to love the Sharks when they were a new, horrible team that gave it their all every game. Now we have a talent stacked team and all they do is phone it in. Frustrating. Hockey is this family's passion. So we are all a bit freaked out. All except Danni, she's a Senior and has a boyfriend and that's all that is going on in her world. LOL I think she has more stress than the rest of us actually. ;)

    Miss Marples is calling me back to the bedroom. Where Dylan and Moonya have both drank from my water glass I suspect and both are laying on my side of the bed. Buggards.

  10. So sorry, Maria. Hope you are feeling better by now.

    My theory, Larry: year after year, they went out morel hunting but never found a single even though the native people always found tons of them. So they moved on to another place where growing things weren't so damn mean.

    I'm stalking -- I mean -- following you, Nicky.

    Howdy, Dina.

    This has been the best wildflower season ever, Candis. It's been really wonderful.

    Fingers crossed for the Winterhawks, Janet.

  11. Congrats on joining the blawg-oh-sphere, Nicky! I threw my email in the ring. throws shiny idea onto an ever-growing pile

    Janet, here's hoping your Winterhawks get their act together for this one!

    Andi, that's a pretty good theory. Plenty of morels in SW Michigan, or were when I was a kid, but the natives might have pulled the same stunt they did with the British (kept 'em out for 50 years by telling them it was all worthless swamp). There's a theory that Irish colonists/missionaries landed on the northern Gulf coast in the 12th century and ended up at what's now called Fort Mountain, about 20 miles west of here. The mountain has a low wall near the top. Could'a been the Romans' Last Stand too.

    Back to the vampire frame-up story. More violent/gory than my usual fare.

  12. Oh crap! I forgot to mention, Katiebird has fired up Eat4Today again!