Saturday, April 14, 2012

Flight Formation

Taken , 2012.

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  1. Morning, gang!

    Lovely pic, Andi, as per usual. Love the colors.

    I'm all primped and relaxed from yesterday. Got a facial and my hair cut & colored. Feel like a new person, though not quite ready for bear. ::g::

    Spending the rest of the weekend AFK - probably just reading & relaxing.

    Happy weekend!

  2. There's a maple tree around the patio — I've seen those lying around. I need to show Mason what they do, he'll love it. ;-)

    Enjoy your relaxing weekend, Maria!

    Mason woke up around 6:15 this morning, took maybe 15 minutes to get him back to sleep. The old trouble and strife is going to wife out the whole weekend… "Were there things you wanted to get done?" "Well yeah, but I guess they won't get done." crickets As the Talking Heads said, no sense in pretending.

    So many stories, so little time. ;-) Hope everyone else gets to relax!

  3. Andi ... :D

    Have a good w/e everyone.

  4. Hi to all.

    Everyone in the path of the bad weather today, stay safe. Actually, stay safe no matter where you are!

  5. Severe Weather? Bah! I'm reading up on the mahvelous wedding for Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. It was totally catered, doncha know. Deenosaurs were lined up with nipple rings and other piercings. Science, who needs it when you got whackadoodle text books for our students coming out of such bastions of bad arse education like Texas and Tennessee...

    Hope all are safe. I'm wondering if Oklahomaphobe will opt out of the Weather Warning since it's a soshulist, government plot.

    Wayne and I walked around the neighborhood. I had a hoodie on... risking death. It started to rain, then hail, then bigger hail and the clouds cracked up open and Zeus laid out some mighty fine thunder music. We sat outside on the porch and watched with the kids and dog. Cats sat inside muttering how insane we all were.

    Hope you all stay safe. From the weather and the wingnuts. Only risk I'm taking tonight is the ride to the arena and a possible errant puck. Go Winterhawks!

  6. Definitely be safe, all in the path of the horrible storms. We have huge wind here, but nothing life-threatening - unless another fire starts. Heading for the beach tomorrow with a girlfriend, I think - tonight I'm working to make up for taking the time off. Spa day sounds wonderful! Hope everyone is having a great weekend....

  7. Hi there, new person. :D

    Yes! Mason needs to know all about helicopters!

    Hiya Candis. Hope the shopping went okay today.

    We had storms and lots and lots and lots of rain but we are fine.

    Go team, Janet! (go team Janet!)

    Have a great day at the beach.

  8. Sharks lost. Winterhawks lost.

    Playoff hockey is not good for anxiety or arthritis...

    But I didn't get hit with an errant puck. We got home safe.

    been away as my partner will be away for some time and due to work security, time delay and the country's censorship - it will be hard to communicate. I'm getting in my time with him now. Storing up. :)

    Thinking of Nancy Pickard out there in Kansas. Beyond worried. Sending out hockey courage.