Friday, April 20, 2012

Downed Flight

Taken April 5, 2012.

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  1. Another day, another tedious project. :(

    Off to the mimes in a bit. Helping out on another project that is supposed to launch next week but is way behind. I'll be working part of the day on Saturday, too. Bah.

    Am in dire need of caffeine.

  2. Aww, poor helicopters, never got a chance to take off.

    It's past mime time, but wife didn't get out of bed & Mason was awake (if not very active). I ended up dropping him in bed with her, and now he's getting happy-active. Sounds like my work is done here, but not at the mimes… :-P

  3. Quiet day here. Trying to get the house in shape for my friend, Sally's visit before we drive down to Malice.

  4. That's a very cool picture, andi!

    Have fun, Dina! Hug Maria for us!

    Back from the GA woods. Lots of good work done. Not a lot of relaxing, but just being in the woods is relaxing all on its own. Now trying to catch up on chores and errands. Quiet weekend ahead, with my guy playing music out of town. Hope everyone has a great, healthy weekend!

  5. Ha Farf! That's what we call em, too. But we say, "Helly Copters" :D

    Wend to drs yesterday: Stomach virus along with vertigo and we discussed proactive ways to deal with vertigo rather than reactive ways.

    Also, apparently it was a very very bad idea for me to let the anti-seizure meds go empty for ten days. Gabapentin for pain actually but is not good to go cold turkery on.

    Also, I'm going to have to rewire my brain about pain management. I'm stubborn in that when I feel good I don't want to go through the hassles of the medications - NSAIDs like Naproxin that I take - hurt your tummy. So I think MORE yoga. If I only did better in yoga, I wouldn't need meds. Wrong! I need to marry meds and yoga. My taking meds is not a fault or lack.

    so I got a talking to by my doctor. Also he's got me on a chat portal with his office so I can ask questions and try things out with advice from his team rather than try things on my own or self-medicate or self-unmedicate.

    Wayne drove me in yesterday at my worst. I said I didn't feel good enough to go in and he said that's exactly why he wanted my doct to see me. I got a booty kickin. But I had continued to lose weight and doing other things that are good. :)

    Sorry to write so much BS about my health. It's been a crazy year. But on the right track now with since my gallbladder surgery and now taking non-dairy probiotics. Got Danni taking em, too.

    Sorta tranqed out but 4 days of virus and vertigo really sucked my energy down.

  6. No tedious project tomorrow, Maria! Well unless you want to do something tedious like clean your place.

    Not true, Larry -- they had one wild albeit brief ride during the storm that brought them to the landing spot. :)

    Hope it's all clean now, Dina.

    Welcome back home, Beth. Enjoy the relaxing weekend.

    That's really cool that your doctor has a chat set up so you can get immediate feedback. It's a great uses of that technology. So glad you feel you are getting back on track.