Monday, April 16, 2012

Dogged Woods

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  1. Tempted to follow the doggies onto the neverending trail...

    Morning, gang! It's going to be a hellacious near 90F today. No a/c in apt bldg until May 1. Ugh. At least the office has a/c turned on.

    Spent a lovely quiet weekend and even got some audio recording done! Now, it's back to reality. ::g::

    Wishing everyone a marvelous Monday!

  2. Yo!

    Weekend was thoroughly wifed out, but now there's a clear path to the rear of the garage.

    From yesterday: Jim, I've defined a weed as anything growing where you don't want it. I've had weed-tomato plants, for example, and Mason found some wild strawberries in the grass yesterday.

    Janet, sorry about the hockey letdown. And did I understand you right, Wayne's traveling on business? Double-suck.

    We're probably going to get rain today, so I'm in the car. Later!

  3. Wishing for rain here in drought-ridden NEFLA. Rumor has it huge storms are on the horizon for later in the week, but I think the weathermen say that to save their jobs. I'll believe it when I see it. Send some down this way, LK!

    Doing mega-chores around the house, since there's no work in the queue. Amazing how things pile up when you're mired at your desk. Feeling quite the sense of accomplishment!

    That's crazy heat, Maria. 69 with a nice breeze here - hope your weather calms down soon! Looks like Kelly woke up to snow this AM, per Facebook...brrrr.......

    Off to clean my closet - cheers, y'all!

  4. Hi, all. We are having a nice day here. Maria, so sorry about the heat. Beth, sounds perfect there. We need rain here too but none in the forecast.

    Larry, tomatoes are never a weed!

  5. Nothing is a weed except for weed, which will definitely grow in rows, so I don't know wtf alla y'all are on about. Hey, did somebody say there were tomatoes and strawberries? Time to mix up some vinaigrette for the salad and whip some sweet cream into peaks for dessert, nummy-nums.

    Hope everyone has a good week full of safe, tolerable weather and tasty, delicious morsels.

  6. Jen, you're so sexy when you say things like "nummy-nums" :)

    Weed is the only plant that totally gives back nutrients to a depleted earth. Maybe not weed but HEMP! The war on weed is as ludicrous, although profitable, as the war on everything else.

    I have a lovely garden full of Dandylions right now. :) They even grow in between the cracks of cement.

    Arlo said something at the concert that made me think. I've always heard "peace is not profitable" and I fell for it. But he said Peace was indeed profitable. Peace is profitable for everyone not just a few so that's why it's snubbed. When you have peace and prosperity, it helps all, the schools profit, bellies profit, the earth profits. So there. Peace profits the 99%.

    Yup Farf, he's heading out to China. Or as he says, "Chiner". Thankfully it's not Arizona, Florida, Virginia...

    All stuffed up and I feel like vertigo is coming on. Freaks me out everytime. It's like waiting to be a hostage. Been good about non-dairy. Just stuffed up from pollen and sctuff I think. Gotta go get my ducks in a row just in casers I can't make it to the mimes or decide to call in.

  7. Love your doggies, love your dogwoods, love your woods. :D

  8. Follow Sniff, Maria, because Bebo's trail (our driveway) comes to an end on the road that leads to things like people and work.

    Hope you get less rain than us, Larry. We've had almost 3 inches since Saturday.

    Hoping you get some rain, Beth. Maybe you could plan a cookout for a slew of friends -- that always seems to be a good way to entice the weather gods.

    No heat here either, Dina.

    You're really making me hungry, Jen. Also making me wish you would come over here and cook for me. ;)

    Hope you are doing okay, Janet. Allergies and vertigo sound like an awful combination.

    You can always come here and visit them all in person, candis -- though you'll have to hurry to get so see the dogwoods as they are just about done for this year.

  9. I wish I could get in a car and drive there in a couple of hours for a visit. :)

  10. I wish you could too -- and especially without having to go through all the crap at the border.

  11. That looks like a Roman road, Andi. Are you sure they didn't get to Indiana?
    It's piddling down today but the half the country is supposed to be suffering from drought so the rain is needed. Why can't it just rain at night though? Nicely regulated from midnight to 6.0am. That'd do nicely!