Saturday, April 28, 2012

Can't See the Forest for the Ferns

Taken April 12, 2012.

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  1. Happy Saturday everyone. Happy Malice too. :)

    Jim and I are off to get my mom in Indy and then go over to see Jim's mom in Cincy for an early Mother's Day celebration as we'll be hiking in Utah that day (yay Utah!). So we'll be gone all day. See ya (much) later.

  2. Up WAY too early, but it's for a good cause. I am parked in the Reinhardt University gym, camera at my side, waiting for the graduation ceremony to start. Wicked Stepfather is griping about his schedule, as if an extra hour is going to kill him, but if that's the only problem today I'll be okay. More coffee would be good.

    Later, all… and thanks Andi!

  3. Morning from the Rose City where are Winterhawks are the Western Conference Champions and we are on our way to Canada for the Memorial Cup!!!! OMG!

    Was a sell out crowd on Wednesday!!! 11K people showed up. We had two guests with us who were totally stoked. Wes is beyond happy and we are just hoping he can work there next season. We are even going to get season tickets next year.

    Tonight is Danni's Senior Prom. Yay! She's going in pink and champagne. A dress she'll be able to wear again and again actually. Simple and classy. Her graduation cap, gown and note cards arrived this week, too. Chaos!


  4. And I have to chirp in my agreement with Jen and Kelly about my own aversion to tadpoles for the same reason... SPERM link!

    I think the sperm should be the new logo for Republicans. A sperm with jackboots, pepper spray and a bible.

  5. Wayne just piped in: Sperm can't be the Republican icon because it would make them think about TADPOLES and you know how much Teabaggers (I still can't believe they called themselves that) hate evolution and all that sky-ency, fancy pancy book reading elitist stuff. :D

    I really wish the BagHeads from Florida, Arizona and Texas would just move to Somalia.

  6. Congrats to all the recent grads! I wish we could've given them a better world.

    A sperm with jackboots, pepper spray and a bible.

    And it's wearing a sweater vest hand-embroidered with the text "I WILL TOTES TAZE YOU BRO". We should knit them and sell them on Etsy until we have enough money to buy all those tickets to Somalia.