Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blush Life

Taken March 25, 2012.

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  1. Pretty in pink!

    Working @ the mimes from home today as I have about 5-6 hrs to go on a project that I'm helping out on. TEDIOUS work (a site content audit, which means I document each and every page/link on a client's site in prep for a redesign).

    At least I can do it in my jammies. ::g::

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. Dropping by for a quick hi. Working from home is always a bonus, Maria!

    My work continues to be busy, which is good. Just finished today's project, and am hoping nothing shows up later, so I can catch up on errands, chores, email...

    Got sad news last night. My first husband died at 63 last week. We hadn't been in touch in over 12 years, but it was still a little bit of a shock. Still not quite sure how to feel about it, except sad that he died so young. So I'll be seeking good memories today, in his honor.

    Wildfires are everywhere. The smoke is so thick outside, I'm looking for flames, although I know they're miles away. And I live on a marsh in a concrete building. Still, the windows are closed (I'm allergic to smoke). Kinda creepy.

    Off and running. Have a good day, y'all -

  3. Are those redbud trees? We used to have one at the corner of the house; its root system was not so good & a (very) late freeze killed it. But its progeny are sprouting up all over the place.

    Maria, isn't that audit something that can be at least partially automated? I'd start by scooping a directory tree off the client's server (ha, no pun intended) then analyzing links.

    Beth, the smoke from those fires along I-4 a few years ago reached all the way here. Maybe you should do your errands on the beach today. ;-)

    Back to the mime thing…

  4. Hi, all. This is my kind of blush.

    Beth, sorry to hear about your ex - 63 is awfully young! And I hope the fires don't get any closer.

    Maria, enjoy your jammies.

    Farf, read your blog (which I really liked) and I think even the AI is about people. Without the central character any plot seems to be worthless to me. I have trouble reading a book, no matter how well written, if I don't like at least one of the characters.

  5. Pink! Hooray.

    Beth, off, that's got to be hard to process. You have my sympathies.

    More generally, hello to all! Still not dead. In the process of trying to knock off 75,000 words in about 70 days. On pace, but not having a lot of room for other things.

  6. We had a tree that bloomed pink like that in my front yard when I was a kid. I always loved it and these are gorgeous.

    Beth, condolences. Death is often just a hard, weird thing, ime, even from a distance.

    Best wishes to all of you.

  7. Thanks for the kind wishes, y'all. You're so right, Jen. We'll all get there some day...just hopefully not for a long, long time.