Monday, April 2, 2012

Blue and Gold

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  1. ::grumble grumble:: It's Monday. Off to the mimes in a bit.

    Still coughing, but much better than it was.

    Offline most of the weekend to contemplate a lot of stuff. Nothing accomplished.

    Did I mention it's Monday?

  2. Morning. I have coffee, Mason's awake & has Curious George on the idiot box, and the cats have catfood. Need to pack a lunch & get on the road…

  3. Soggy doggies, hooray! Making with the writings here, per usual. Happy wombat day to all who follow. *I don't know, because wombats are cool?*

  4. Just wait till you're retired, Maria. Everyday is Saturday. :)

    Sounds like you are very organized, Larry. I got Calibre. I had some problems with the content server (have I ever said how much I hate Vista) but after a bit of googling I found a workaround.

    Wombats are soooooooo cute, Kelly.