Saturday, April 7, 2012

Alive to the Possibilities

Taken March 24, 2012.

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  1. Braving the VGW! Sorry for the long absence - the world just won't slow down. I can't even tell you what I've done this week - I know we spent one day at the beach, but otherwise it's been work, live music, and a little sleep. On, and my favorite 82-year old aunt is in the hospital, which has everyone more than a little concerned.

    Huge windstorm blew through last night and dropped the temp 20+ degrees - too bad I was at an outside gig dressed for 80 instead of 60! Brrrr. The 30+ mph winds didn't help.

    Ice gunk, ick, Maria. And I'm glad everyone came thru the TX storms okay.

    Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. I'm off to tackle the pile on my electronic desk. Enjoy some down time for me today!

    Waving to all - hippity hoppity!

  2. Morning all! Love the fuzzy proto-leaf…

    Beth, I can imagine that was a goose-bumpy thing to have happen! We're back to near-normal temps for a while here, too. No more shorts & turn off the ceiling fan above the bed.

    So exciting to finally be in the home stretch for White Pickups. A few scene rewrites, one or two additions, and I'm hoping to drop it in the editor's lap next weekend. 'Course, the job's not finished until the sequel's done.

    Mason's awake, but quiet & watching Danger Rangers. He'll be wanting breakfast soon.

  3. Morning Beth and Larry, and Andi and everyone else. Love the fuzzy fern furl.

  4. Hi, everyone. I join the fuzzy fern furl love! Just so cute.

    Happy Easter and Happy Passover to any who celebrate either or both.

  5. Little fuzzy alien tentacle!

    Have just fed brandy to my goddaughter's wedding cake! 4-tiers of my secret rich fruitcake recipe, all smelling divine now.(Am notorious for the alcoholic content of the wedding cakes I've made for the family!) Wedding is in May, over in the west of Ireland.

  6. Glad you had time to come by, Beth. Hope your aunt gets to g home soon.

    Woo hoo, Larry on seeing the finish (if not thus sequel).

    And the fuzzy fern furl loves you, Candis.

    And you too, Dina.

    What's the alcoholic content of a month long fermenting fruitcake, Nicky? I'd think people could get high just by inhaling around it.

  7. Er, it's been fermenting since November, Andi! I just feed it again every month or so. And yes, the fumes are powerful!

  8. Now that's the way to have a wedding -- even the teetotalers get tipsy. :D