Monday, March 26, 2012

Zen Sniff Ponders Frank Lloyd Wright

Taken March 13, 2012.

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  1. Ugh. Coughing, hacking, sneezing = sad, sick Maria.

    ::crawls back into the hole::

  2. Sends sympathy to Maria.
    Looking at the picture makes me realise that sometimes I would like another dog. Only ever had one and she died 12 years ago at 16 plus. However, elder daughter now has a Laboradoodle pup so I can borrow him if I get broody!

    Usually you get moans from me about the weather but it's Glorious here! Days and days of sunshine and flowers and little birdies flapping about, and sitting out in the garden - it can't last but it's great while we've got it.

  3. It is very windy today - hope that dies down as tomorrow I fly out to CA for Left Coast Crime.

    Maria, here's hoping the hacking also goes away!

    Nicola, here's to the good weather.

    Waves to all - will be disappearing for a bit.

  4. Zen Sniff says, "I wonder how you'd fit all that in a doghouse?" Or maybe, "I wonder if Bebo could clear that in one leap?"

    Poor Maria… pollen off the scale again, or "just" a cold?

    Nicky, good to hear from you. One of my tweeps in Newcastle also says it's unusually sunny there too.

    Took the bike to work. Looks like that's going to be the case for the whole week from here. The gnats are already out at stoplights.

    Heard this morning one of my stories got accepted into the Best of Friday Flash Vol. 2 anthology! Now that's a good way to start a Monday, eh? Well… off to lunch. Still gotta eat.

  5. Sending get well vibes your way, Maria.

    As long as there is a dog close at hand, Nicky, but you don't have to sweep up its shedding fur, I'd say you've got a pretty good situation.

    Waves to Cheshire Dina. :D

    I thought of it, didn't use it, Candis, and then Jim suggested it so I used it. A true marriage of true minds. ;)

    I haven't seen Bebo completely jump that creek, Larry, but she's come close. Yay for nice enough weather for riding your bike to work. And way bigger yay for the getting the story in the anthology!!!!!!!

    Jim and I are going to go see Hunger Games in a little bit. Reviews have mostly been positive and the criticisms I've read don't really bother me so I'm hoping for a very good time (especially since we almost never see movies in theaters).

  6. Get better, Maria!

    How was the movie, andi? I've been wanting to see it, but I don't do movies in theaters much.

    Back from the Dark Side - had a great time! Saw old friends and heard good music. Always good to get home, tho.

  7. Beth, I loved it. There were a couple of things I would've liked them to have done differently but they were minor. And I think that there were also a couple of things that work better for people who have already the book. But again, those were also minor. Jim and I give it two great big thumbs up.

  8. Congrats Farf!
    Jenny, those kittehs are too cuteh!
    Maria, get better
    Candis, Hola!
    Nicola, cheers!
    Beth, I hear ya callin'... sorry KISS song on my brain :)

    Winterhawks are doing goooood.

    Andi, hear Hunger Games is awesome. Danni read the book.