Saturday, March 24, 2012

Weather Gods Can't Decide on Rain or Sun

Taken March 2, 2012.

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  1. We're expecting rain - which will bring much-needed cooler air. I am all over that!

    Up early because to bed early. Though, no doubt, there will be napping later.


  2. Good morning, Maria. We had big storms last night and it did cool things down. It's even a little chilly in the house right now.

  3. We are also expecting rain which will be nice as it is needed.

    And it is a cool day so far.

    I hope the weather gods grant us our wishes!

  4. Was up with Mason a while last night. Coffee, do your stuff.

    Sunny right now, but rain's in the forecast for later. Rain is wonderful stuff, unless you have a 2yo who needs to run off some excess energy. And now he wants some strawberries, and I need more coffee… so get Mason some berries, then let him blow off some steam outside. Later!

  5. 2 days of heavy snow. Then "ice fog" that ended in 60 degrees. Today it's going to be 70... Anti-Science people are truly environmental terrorists. I don't know if we can turn this boat around.

    Got some good rage out last night at the hockey game. Sometimes it's just nice to holler. Winterhawks won their first game in the series.

    Sorry about being such a turd sandwich in the picnic basket. Between the Right's attack on women and science and Obama's silence on police brutality and etc etc etc...Maybe I should just be one of those apathetic folks who "don't do reality". Or as my husband says, maybe we should fix it or get the F out.

    My hockey friends are writing letters to the school district's job developer for work experience program in support of the program and all it's done for Wes and how placing him in the WHL was genius and hoping that he can remain there and that program doesn't get cut. This country can find the money to make devices of war that will maim, mutilate and murder but we can't educate our children to the highest levels possible... Sick.

    Wayne's Meals on 2 Wheels is having money probs too. More elderly people basically starving in their apartments and less food to deliver. Compared to other first world countries, USA is going backwards in a hurry. And it's citizens are too wrapped up in "reality TV". Idiot box indeed.

    One customer last week about the the weird hot weather after last weeks freezing rain. "it's gods way of smiling on us today with this glorious sun"... or some such crap. Jeebus. The eart is flat types evolved slowly. LOL

    Nuther Hockey game tonight to attend. Honoring some of the players, coaches and assistants killed from the Locomotiv Team plane crash in Russia just prior to the start of the season. A HUGE loss in the hockey world.

  6. Hi Dina, Larry, and Janet. Gorgeous day here. I really enjoyed it not being in 80s. Instead we had a high of 67 and beautiful blue skies with interesting clouds.