Saturday, March 3, 2012

Wearing White

Taken February 14, 2012.

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  1. Nfity!! Like fairy wings, poised to take flight.

    Feeling tons better thanks to Amoxicillin. Still tired, but I got a full night's sleep last night and am happy to spend the day doing nothing more strenuous than lifting the TV remote.

    Got hooked on Misfits, a Brit TV series, via HuluPlus - definitely dark comedy . Watched the first 2 series (6 eps each).

    Caught up on some reading - C.E. Murphy's Walker Papers series. Read the most recent 4 books. At least being ill has somewhat of a silver lining!

    Happy Saturday, all.

  2. Morning! A Valentine's Day dusting, I see.

    To misquote Monty Python, "And November gave winter a miss and went straight on to April." We had a severe storm miss us by about 8 miles last night, but the rest of it was just the usual boom-rain-power flicker. Most of the action happened closer to Atlanta.

    So now Mason is wanting attention. Later!

  3. Continued healing wishes to Maria!

    So glad to know that The Manor and the Fs came through yesterday's storms okay.

    We were less than 15 minutes away from what they said was a couple of tornados...tornadoes (wtf, I'm Dan Quayle) spinny windy stormy thingers on the ground plus "baseball-sized hail". I was herding cats into interior rooms (pro tip: laser chaser toy) when suddenly, after almost an hour of that special brand of television-news-show-hysteria that has replaced baseball as our national pastime, the weather guy on the local channel got this really confused expression on his face and announced, "Well, we don't know what just happened, but I am getting word that the storm front has weakened quickly and considerably. The tornado watch is canceled, thunderstorm warnings remain in effect."

    It was like they just...evaporated. I'm still feeling a little like a snapped rubber band; I HATE how these damn things come on so fast. I'm much better at coping with hurricanes because there's time to prepare/haul ass, but tornadic activity is like the highway on/off-ramps in Texas, you've got maybe 5 seconds to make what is potentially a life-or-death decision.

    Janet, big congratulations to Wes on finally getting something from social security. I hope the back pay is quickly forthcoming so he can catch up with whatever he needs and maybe even get himself a little something solely because it brings him joy.

  4. Great news, Maria. So glad you are doing better.

    The storms missed us too, Larry, we just got glancing edge. But there was some really terrible destruction south of us with loss of life. Very sad.

    Jen, I'm sorry for the scare but really glad it missed you. We had an a slightly disconcerting time when things went from almost quiet to wildly howling winds to just strong winds in a few minutes.

    Janet, seconding Jen on the good news on Wes.

  5. Glad that everyone is doing better, health and weather wise. And Janet, great news about Wes. Nice to know some get the benefit of the safety net even though they aren't in the 100%!

    Happy Saturday, all.

  6. Very pretty view, Andi. I like that!

    So glad to hear that everyone made it through the storms okay. We're getting the remains of the high winds here today - possibly up to 100km/h - but so far it's not too bad (knock wood).

    Have a good w/e all!

  7. What? There's extreme weather going on? But.. But but that's impossible. Everything is just honky dory with the weather. All that extreme weather patterns which brings about 28 degree days followed by 70 degree days, and brings bigger and badder storms... well that's just a hoax brought to you by us liberal, tree hugging, dirt humping air breathing and water drinking liberal! :) who believes all that skiense stuff? Education is snobbery. Women's bodies are for men and girls are sluts.

    So just get in the tub during the next god made storm and pray to your invisible friend in the sky andif your house falls down or gets blown away, then just pick yourself up by your own bootstraps and don't expect help from the government as they are too buys peeking into our bedrooms.

    But most of all... Be SAFE my friends!!! I love you guys!

    Off to make french toast with Challah bread. Nope, not with Wonder bread. EW! It's good being a liberal, I tell ya! I get to be curious, try new things, and eat much healthier, better tasting food! :)

  8. Just got back from Indy where I helped my mom get her tax stuff together ... and I survived it!

    Howdy Dina, Candis, and Janet.