Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We Interrupt This Long November

... with very early hints of spring.

Taken March 8, 2012

Taken March 11, 2012.
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  1. Pretty flowers!

    Crazy warm here - expected to get to nearly 80F today. Non-winter is over, methinks.

    Now the real question is, when is my apartment building going to shift over to a/c? ::g::

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Wow, 80F? Yup, we're getting there tomorrow & Thursday. (Wow, my work at home days too!) I guess I better not throw any more wood in the firebox.

    I doth grumble on yon blog about the sister-in-law. But I end it on a happy note, with a pic of Mason chomping an ice cream cone.

  3. Non-winter weather here too. Way too warm.

  4. Loving the non-winter in NEFL. Although I'm inside working, when I'd rather be outside sunning. Ah well. Hope it's not too warm for you northerners!! Working far into the night last night and tonight, so if you're doing something fun, do extra for me!

  5. We didn't get that warm here, Maria, but it was just gorgeous ... in the 70s and sunny.

    Love that picture, Larry!

    I guess we could send you some cold and snow, Dina. ;)

    Hope you are going to take it easy pretty soon, Beth.