Monday, March 19, 2012

Up or Down?

Taken March 11, 2012.

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  1. Exploring doggies, FTW!

    Whee, it's a Monday? Trying to get my act together this a.m. but failing. Am tightening the budget, thanks to my own stupidity - I miscalculated on Fed taxes throughout the year and now I owe. Ouch! Been fussing/stressing over this all weekend, darn it.

    Oh well, off to the mimes.

  2. Bebo needs a thought balloon there: "I could jump in, but would they give me something to eat?"

    Ouchanddamn, Maria! I assume you wrote off some of your con trip expenses as a Published Author™ — especially the one where you were speaking or running a breakout session of some sort? Unless you went on the publisher's dime (fat chance for a mid-lister, eh?).

    I blogged an exhausting (but not necessarily exhaustive) list of things I found in my trunk when I cleaned it out. The best part was the $1.14 in loose change. :-P And the motorcycle is ready to go, just need to finish my coffee, load up, and head to the mimes! (Yep, it's already 60F here with a high in the low 80s.)

  3. Hi, all. Larry, don't spend all that in one place!

    Maria, I hope it isn't too bad.

    Everyone, happy Monday.

  4. Hey folks, up to my neck in writing things with a new book due at the end of July and about a month of travel between now and then. The deadline didn't sound so bad when I agreed to it. Then the trips came along, and some seekrit project stuff and now I'm scrambling. But it's good scrambling, so I won't complain. Whine a little, maybe, but no complaining. Hope y'all are busy, and happy, and healthy or getting healthier as is most appropriate.