Friday, March 23, 2012

Trees Make Art

Taken March 4, 2012.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Wow, those make me feel like I'm at the Louvre.

  2. With such a nice comment, I guess I can forgive for not knowing a dragon when you see one. ;)

  3. What Jen said!

    Off to the lung doc for a check in in a few. Snagged an 8:15 appt. Hoping he can help with the pollen-caused cough/wheezing. Today is supposed to be in the 80s and I am dreading this. I've got all 3 fans going at top speed, but I don't think that will help much at peak heat. :(

    Froze up some canned fruit yesterday as a treat: crushed pineapple, peach slices (separately). I'll chow down on those when the temps soar.

    Had thought about going to see Hunger Games during the day, but there doesn't seem to be an early showing that will allow me enough time to see the movie and get back home in time for grocery delivery. Ah well. Maybe it's a sign. ;)

    Happy Friday, all!

  4. It's all fun and games until the flying plesiosaur with the laser beam upgrade takes out Indianapolis.

  5. Maria, huge sympathies on the high pollen count and trouble breathing. I only have mild pollen allergies but I've shared space with people who are more allergic and it looks just AWFUL. I hope your doc is able to give you something that helps.

    If you enjoy easy frozen fruit treats, you might want to try homemade sorbet in your fave flavor combos. It's super easy, I'm in the process of making some right now.

    For best results, fruit should be at that stage where it is nearly too ripe but not quite. Yesterday afternoon I cut up three plums and three kiwis into bite sized pieces and froze them. Today I will mix 1/3 cup white sugar (this step can also be done with sugar alternatives, like Splenda, just google for the technique) with 1/3 cup water until it hits a low-boil and then let it cool. I will then dump the frozen fruit pieces and the simple syrup into the food processor and puree. Since I am not fancy enough to strain out the kiwi seeds, I will just pour the resultant mixture into individual serving cups and stick it back in the freezer until it sets.

  6. Good thing then, Jen, that I'm 50 miles south -- as the dragon flies -- of Indianapolis.

    Maria, I am so stoked to go see Hunger Games but neither Jim or I like crowds so we're going to on a week day next week. Good luck at the doc's.

  7. Jen, that sounds yummy! Will definitely try that. I don't have a food processor, but I bet my blender would work, too.

  8. Your blender will work like a dragon. :)

  9. Your pix are what I miss most. Happy Spring to all.

  10. bono! I have missed you. And hope you will be back again soon.

  11. Try frozen grapes too, Maria. They feel like you're cheating! Good luck with the pollen - my eyes are ready to come out my head, they itch so much. Gotta love spring...?

    Great pictures!!!

    Off to the Dark Side of the state with my guy for the weekend for a music gig and to see old friends. Visit some of my old haunts. Nice to go over, but it'll be great to know I don't have to stay!

    Have a great weekend, y'all!

  12. Hi,all. Maria, good luck with the pollen.

    Larry, you should be ashamed of yourself for that finer walking pun!!!

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

  13. Those are some fantastically arty shots there! Suitable for framing & hanging anywhere, says I.

    Andi & Jim, you'll be amused to know that my battery bank (two 6V jobs in series) was supposed to be 12Ah, but they picked one 12Ah & one 10Ah off the shelf — and scanned the 12Ah one twice. So I had to run out at lunch and exchange it. But Batteries Plus is actually cheaper than Amazon (like 10 bucks cheaper in that size).

    Pollen and dragons came together at highway speeds and the resulting mess was my #FridayFlash this week. Hope everyone has a good pollen-free weekend!

  14. Prescription Allegra D, FTW. Doc gave me Rx for the extended release so I'm a bit less wheezy this afternoon. Now just trying to keep cool. Got me a couple of cool packs at the CVS and am trading them back and forth from freezer to draping on my head and sitting next to a fan.

    Thank goodness a cool front is coming in!

    Beth, frozen grapes are totally on my list! Just waiting for the grocery delivery. That's one of my favorite hot weather treats.

  15. Hallo... Been well, just busy.

    And sad... been wondering how much longer I can officially call myself non-violent. As a part of me would really like to fly down to Florida and use their law against their redneck POS bungholes. Hey, I'm a liberal, atheist female who feels threatened by angry rednecks. BLAM.

    But... I'm supposed to more evolved then that right? Just been angry rather than outraged but how else does one feel when they hear that child's screams snuffed out by a cold blooded killer who wasn't even arrested. My son wears a hoodie. Hell the killer wore a hoodie.

    So I'm not the person one would like at their social tea table :) So I'm heading out to take Wes to work - although now Oregon is trying to dismantle work experience for the disabled...

    My gawd... we must stop Republicans. They have destroyed so much and want to do more damage. But all they understand is violence.... and we libs don't go there. So what to do???

    Snowed for two days straight here and now it's 70. Nope, no problem there, honey... I can't even be happy with the warm weather as it's just another way of Mother Nature showing how much things are screwed up.

    Geting our passports together and Wayne's getting work visas... might be time to say Hasta to the USA's American Taliban.

  16. Big storms here tonight. Lots of lightning and thunder so I'm not spending much time online. Just wanted to say hi to Beth and Janet.