Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Poetry Post

New and Old

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Crossing The Border
by Ogden Nash

Senescence begins
And middle age ends
The day your descendents
Outnumber your friends.


  1. The age-sorting hat approaches
    Alas, no chicks have hatched
    However shall I complete my equation?

    The mark of aging encroaches
    But my breeding opportunities were snatched
    Guess I'll have to count by bullet-evasion.


  2. Love the pic and the accompanying ditty. And Jen's is pretty good too!

    If you count online friends, by Ogden's benchmark I've got a long way to go…

    Right now, it's just Mason, Skylar, and me. Daughter Dearest put in a brief appearance before heading off to her various appointed duties (choir at campus church, then Dress Barn job). SWMBO will have to get up shortly, as I need a shower.

  3. Lovely picture - I adore daffodils.

    As for aging, my only descendants are my cats - do they count?

  4. Beautiful day here in the woods. It was too pretty to go skating so I split and hauled back some wood from a giant oak tree that fell near the house last spring. At the rate I'm working on it, I may get it finished by the time Mason is in school. I'm not promising it'll be grades school. Trees are starting to bud, but it's way too early. The forecast is for rain tonight and tomorrow, but we're up in the 70s this week.