Friday, March 9, 2012

Split Personality

Taken February 20, 2012.

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  1. Who knew you had such long legs? ;)

    I'm up early, so I thought I'd wish you a Happy Friday!

  2. My height varies with the time of day. :)

    Happy Friday to you too -- and even more to Finny who can have his "legs" for the whole weekend.

    Hi everybody from yesterday. My big news is that it appears that November is finally about to end -- some of the feral daffodils opened yesterday (about 2 weeks earlier than usual).

  3. Oh, nifty, it's like a shadow/cave painting!

    Glad your daffodils are opening, Andi. We're seeing tons of blooming trees in my neck of the urban woods. (ATCHOO!) Pretty, but potent.

    Terrifically over-warm the past couple of days, but a rainy/windy front blew in and today will be tolerable.

    Happy weekend!

  4. Hi all!

    Just settling in at the mimes this morning. Mason stretched bedtime as far as he could and then some last night, which meant he was still zorched when I hit the door.

    I'll spare you the overly long rant about Author-It. Suffice it to say that eating my dayjob work is no way to get into my good graces.

    Oh, and the final installment of the story is up…